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The Rest of the Story- opened. 12 hrs ago 1065.06
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The Rest of the Story- opened. 12 hrs ago 1065.06

I know you need ca*sh
Everyone does these days

Steve hoffman's site opened for business yesterday
and this morning I withdrew 1065.06


And then I bought 5 more positions.

 Here is the rest of the story.

Anyone who buys 5 shares at Shares4moola
under my link will receive 1 million sokens
at Sokule. (value 1270.00 )

Would you spend 100.00 to cycle fast and ea*rn
some dough and pocket 1 million sokens at

Seems like a super deal to me:)

If you can't swing the 5, then buy what you can
afford and make things happen for you today.

Then use the power of Sokule to get the word out
about this new site or any site you are promoting

That's what I do everyday

And it pays off big time.
You can do this too.


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS Here is how you collect 1 million sokens

Sign up under my link here

Make you purchase of 5 positions

Then send me your full name, your username for
Shares4moola, your payment receipt that shows
the 5 payments and your Sokule username.


If you are not a member of Sokule, Join us right
here  http://sokule.com

It is my posts on Sokule that resulted in that
1065.06 and you can do the same thing by using
Sokule to advertise with.




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