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Cool Sex is an Oxymoron Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Cool Sex is an Oxymoron Jane's Sunday Sermon

Definition of an Oxymoron: A figure of speech that combines

normally-contradictory terms.


Alone is a crowd
Act Naturally
Liberal conservative
jumbo shrimp
harmless crime
numb feeling
wise fool
Wickedly good

Oxymoron’s all.

They are great fun.

They can elicit a laugh, a frown, a cringe, a raised
eye brow or a non plused look but whatever they are, they
are interesting to contemplate.

Keep your eyes open and you will see some really good ones.

I saw a subject line come into my email box.

It said "Cool Sex." It was a Viagra ad. They are
all over the place and my first thought was:

Well...There's an Oxymoron if I ever saw one
Who wants Cool Sex?

If I were selling Viagra, I don't think that
is the subject line I would use:)

Cool Sex...Jane's Sunday Sermon

You are probably wondering why I have Oxymorons
on my mind this morning.

Well because I see a lot of them in my online endeavors
and they either make me smile, or laugh or cringe or
raise my eyebrow or look non plused.

For example

Ea*rn with no recruiting

This one makes me cringe because it is rarely true
and, if true at all, what it means is ea*rn a couple
of pennies without recruiting:)

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe there really are millions of
people out there ea*rning by doing nothing but I
never met one so... either I am travelling in the wrong
circles or Ea*rn without Recruiting is an Oxymoron

How about this one...

Auto Pilot Money

I saw that one this morning and I don't get it.
Does someone fly the mon*ey into your hometown?
How does it arrive? In a plain brown bag like
Viagra? This one just makes me laugh.

Or maybe this one

Social Media Matters

This subject line left me non plused:)

Matters to who or to whom I guess is the correct way
to put it. I agree that Social Media Matters but only
if you use it and use it correctly. One of my founding
members of Sokule, Kathy Pleasance, told me something
interesting today.

"The recently elected mayor of Calgary used twitter and social

media in his campaign. He was virtually an unknown in Calgary and

he won. His name is Naheed Nenshi and the election was last week
Now that matters!

What about this one?

2,931,944 Members Pay You Money

I swear that is in a subject line I just saw.
It made me smile at the thought of it but then I thought
to myself. Why would they want to do that? I don't
even know them.

Maybe these kinds of subject lines are not exactly
Oxymorons but they sure are moronic.

So Here is one that is true and will give you something
to smile about.

See what you think

I will build a list for you on autopilot and you can mail to it

That's IS True

If you are a Sokule member, you have a list built for you.
You don't do a thing and...
You can post to that list every single day.

If you are a silver member or higher at Sokule, you
can email that list every 3 days.


We have a  weekend special (which ends tonight at midnight est.)
and it is giving away 5 million Sokens with any silver sign up
to Sokule.

That is a value of  6350.

These Sokens build a list for Sokule members
and it is builds it on auto pilot.

Sokens can do the same for you and you can post to
that list and you can email them.

When you sign up to Sokule, watch for the one time
offer and read it.

Silver gives you access to all of the Sokule applications


Higher commissions when you make a sale
Posting to all 84 Social Media sites and blogs
Posting to Kule Wall reaching 1.1 million viewers
Posting messages as long as you like on Sokwall
Pre scheduling your posts
Emailing your trackers every 3 days
editing your posts
Auto Welcoming your trackers
Customizing your postit page
Adding images to your posts
Earning more Sokens per sign up

It IS Social Media that matters.

So my subject line may not be Cool. It certainly won't
give you Cool Sex but...

It will do exactly what it says it will do and that
is build you a list on auto pilot: One that is yours
and that you can mail to every three days and post
to daily. In fact you can post to them up to 25
times a day.

The subject line is not an oxymoron but perhaps you
have to be a tad goofy not to pick it up.

Sign up to Sokule here

Pick you the one time offer as you sign up
Grab the extra 5 million Sokens that comes with the
deal today

And...Put your list building on ...

Auto Pilot

which, if you think about, it is an oxymoron
itself so I think I will leave this right here:)

Have a great Sunday


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

PS You are welcome to make this same offer to your
own lists or downlines at Sokule and ea*rn yourself
some comm.issions today.

Sokule Dough...That is definately not an oxymoran:)




















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