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The Truth About Making Money On Line
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Okay Okay !! How many guru's start off promising the truth ? Well I'm not a guru but I've messed around on line for about 15 years now. I've had an ebay store, Owned a real estate business for 33 years and developed our real estate site to a consistant 4,000,000 hits a year. I own a company called Kimnat Internet and Print .We design ,build and market on line for our local small business customers.
I own my own mortgage brokerage and real estate appraisal business. I own and publish a monthly flyer sent out to 15,500 homes in our local area. Now you can say "who cares" I say who cares because no one knows any better than me that nobody cares. BUT You can't say I do not know anything about marketing and selling and servicing customers. The most important part of any business on line and off is the relationship you have with your customer. So many of you are missing the boat. You believe you can bombard your customers with auto responders and income opportunities that you haven't made any money at but hope if you convince enough people to join you will eventualy live the dream. Come on guys. Wake up and smell the roses. Stop dropping money on every new scheme before you max out your credit cards and go broke. There is no magic formula.There is no magic product. If it seems too good to be true it is. How do I know. I know because I have tried them all. So many secrets have I bought.Most saved in a file never too be opened again. These guys and gals that sell the hype,that sell the dream have gotten rich promising something that doesn't exist. That something is success with out time,sacrifice ,effort,persistance and a proven system. Those same principles apply on line and off. Off line people buy a franchise to get the proven system and then add their own time,sacrifices,effort and persistance to make it succeed. With out those ingrediants even the best franchise will still fail. We all know MacDonald's,Subway,Dairy Queen,A&W but do we know any successful franchise on line that isn't a scam ? I have looked for 15 years and haven't found one yet. Think about that for a minute. I've looked and tried a lot. One big guru just about got me he was offering local franchises in your local city.I've followed him and he is a pretty smart young guy. I was excited and thinking maybe this was the one.Then came the pitch. The cost was $10,000 but if I bought right now I could have it at 50% off for $5000 but if I didn't buy today tommorrow it would go back up to $10,000. Give me a break. Can you make money on line. Yes you can. The old fashioned way. Build customer relationships and provide them with something they need or want. Anything else is a CON. Happy Selling


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