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What is WorldProfit? The Ultimate Home Based Business System?
I am all the time looking for good online business opportunities.
As you know 99% of all offers are S... and only will cost you
money. Problem, is you can mostly only find out after you joined,
and even if you can start for f.r.e.e, the system can only really
be tested after you upgraded to a paid membership. 

I select offers using my intuition. Then I test drive, and I know
it will cost me some money because I need to upgrade before I can
really test the offer's features. What happens (of course) is
that 99 out of 100 selected opportunities don't work. 

So then I cancel my membership and lost some money. But the one
that remains can be a gold mine. And Yes, this goldmine doesn't
come for f.r.e.e, that is not how it works. But even if it is
paid, you always can cancel on a monthly basis, all good
opportunities support monthly cancel.

So I stumbled upon Worldprofit. Strange that many people have not
even heard of them, they are 16 years in business online (and
approved by BBB) and have almost 800,000 members! It is
probably because of the way they promote, I joined after a
special invite by email. They don't work the same way
like clickbank offers or promotions for the next
"get-rich-quick-without-lifting-a-finger" opportunity, for which
you get tons of emails by promoters. 
Plant The Seeds For Your Success Today! 
I selected it because it looked worth checking out. That is 7
weeks ago. I signed up as a f.r.e.e associate but upgraded the
same day to a paid membership, after I saw what they offer. This
is SO MUCH that I would need a post of at least 10,000 words to
describe it all. The only way to get a real taste of what they
offer is to simply join as an associate and then decide if you
want to upgrade to paid membership. 

To join as paid member (Dealer) they force you to watch a 20 mins
video. Why? Because else first of all it is impossible to get the
right picture of the system. And second, this will eliminate the
countless freebie hunters, the guys who sign up for everything if
it is f.r.e.e and never DO anything with it. To upgrade is worth
it, believe me, they offer very nice bonuses after you watch the
video :-)

Like I said, there is no such thing as f.r.e.e for any good
business opportunity. WorldProfit Paid Silver memberships "cost"
USD 99.95 per month and upgrades you to the "Dealer" status. This
paid membership gives you access to tons of ways to make money
online, most of them are push button from within the membership
area. That includes things like clickbank offer promotion and
much more. With "cloaked" links, to protect your earnings.

And last but not least, this includes many bonuses, tons of
pre-written promotional material like emails, many banners and a
fantastic training section called Millionaire Bootcamp where you
can watch video's to learn everything about the system and how to
implement and use it. The system is super easy, you can do
everything with a couple of mouse button clicks. They set-up your
website, you get a f.r.e.e domain name and so on and so on.

I highly recommend you to take a look:

That is my website they have set up for me, the only thing I
needed to do was to think of a good domain name (hope that worked
:-). Now why do I recommend this? Like I said I started 7 weeks
ago, and it will take you some time to set up all the features.
Then I started to promote this via safelists, most of them are
f.r.e.e to join, but I advice here as well to upgrade to paid
versions after you tested them, because that will give you great
advantages in compare to the f.r.e.e version. 

Anyway, in these 7 weeks I already sponsored 300+ associates and
10 dealers (paid members, where you will earn a commission for).
That is a fantastic result for any opportunity but certainly for
a real good business opportunity, that filters upfront the
useless f.r.e.e.b.i.e hunters!

Go check it out NOW!


Charles van Veen / WorldProfit MCEC Dealer


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