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I think I am finally beginning to understand - 10-28-2010IMG_6259AB
10-28-2010IMG_6259AB by Walter Paul Bebirian
10-28-2010IMG_6259AB by Walter Paul Bebirian



I am finally beginning to see the difference between the perceived focus of the imagekind system and the canvas on demand system - 

In my words - or thoughts - where the Imagekind system was encouraging artists to place their art work up so that other people in addition to themselves could purchase those images as art prints cards and canvases - the canvas on demand system is encouraging the amateur or professional to print their work out for either their home or to give their art printed out on canvases to either galleries for sale or to sell them to their client base  - 

Small and almost undetected as these two differences may appear they do of course point to one extremely different facet of the two systems which is almost invisible to the insider while perhaps more obvious to the customer - 

At imagekind we are looking for the customer to view and someday perhaps purchase another's art for their wall - while at canvas on demand the purchaser and the viewer are almost always one and the same person purchasing their art for their wall - or for the wall or outlet of a gallery or dealer - 

This difference between the two companies is like night and day - and I am willing to bet that the increase in sales this year is largely from artists purchasing their own works - 

As I have understood all along - until there is great recognition for a person's work by a large number of people there will not be any significant number of sales to those other people - 

somewhere within this blog of a book written quite a number of years ago:

together with the networking effect of the Artists' community that Imagekind has built up will be the answer to an even greater amount of sales for both divisions - 

the question is - can canvas on demand dare to take it's customer base and introduce the artists and their work that is substantially built up on Imagekind and introduce that canvas on demand customer base to the Imagekind community and even go so far as to integrate the two - 

Do they have the nerve - can they or will they take such a risky chance - it may be their only hope of really making their sales explode - 



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