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I'm a Sokule Seeker, Are you?


Hello interested internet marketer,

 Business is good,as usual here at Sokule. Sokule is just one of my many sources for advertising, It is very powerful in the way you can blast out a message and have it seen.Upgraded members get to broadcast to their trackers in whole every three days,we get to use the kule wall to post to over a million viewers,along with the 84+ sites it integrates with[ex. bloggs like blogger and wordpress to name a couple,multiple twitters,facebook, myspace this list goes on.]Post here and go all over the net.I have been in since the beginning so I have alot of trackers.you can upgrade to silver on a monthly basis now.you should give it a try.



The sokwalls are a cool splash page you can design.Here are a few of mine.





as you can see, you can add video,graffics and third party widgets, very easily from the sokwall post backoffice. there is so much more the upgraded members get.I also have multiple other free spots on sokule.they do ok,but nothing in comparison to my paid site.I have  to say I am happy with the response i get from advertising with the paid version of my sokule.you also get sokens when you upgrade,to exchange and get trackers.

upgrade under me at the link above and when i see you in my downline as paid i will give you another

1/4 million sokens [for silver or better, 750,000 to bronze]

to help you get started.

If you are marketing on the internet then this will become one of your rib bones.you know by now that to make IM work you have to build a strong back with lots of rib bones to support it.

Best of luck and I hope to work with you in the future.

Ken Johnson/waxhead66



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