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Lots of Sokens --and the Golden Rule
My bonus Sokens for today are almost gone.
But lucky for you, if you join Sokule today via my link right now,
I'll tell you how YOU can grab a HUGE Soken Bonus
from  Sokule Owner Jane Mark.--Volue $227!

Her offer is good until Midnight tonight (Wednesday Dec. 9th).

Simply send me a DM (form your Members Area blue envelop 4th row)
with subject: I am in, tell me about Jane's Bonus.
Give me your username  and I  replay you with a DM.

Perhaps you'll think I am crazy. Why am I building Jane's downline?!
Why am I ready loosing members in a Home Run Business?


Simple, really.

1)  I believe  "Give and there will be given to you" (Luke 6:38)

2)  And I play by the Golden Rule:
    Always treat others as you would like them  to treat you (Mt 7:13)

3)  I hope I'll find voluble  business partners for 2010 .
     I have big plans already but I am open to new suggestions to
     make 2010 the best year ever in every way.

 Join our Marketer Community -really awesome group of bright pple:)

Sokule is a Monetized Business Social Network,
opened to the public in September and growing like wildfire.

You can join Sokule as free or paid member.
We  have  5 membership levels.
The two most popular are:The Silver and The Founder.
-you can upgrade after you really learned what we can offer...

But for now, do not miss Jane's offer .It is really,REALLY good:)

Gabriella DArko
Happy and proud Founder-member @ Sokule


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