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What is KuleSearch? Why do I need KuleSearch?


KuleSearch is a fully integrated Social Media Search Engine. This
means you will be able to conduct a Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace,
Sokule search all from one convenient location. You will also be
able to search the KuleSearch database even while it is being
built. But KuleSearch is much more than this.

If you own a keyword or keyword phrase, you link your site to it,
and someone uses the FaceBook search tool to search for your word
or phrase, your link will show right at the top of the first
page. How Kule is that!

You can be on top for a change...
Superior Social Media Search Engine

Wouldn't it be kule to see your own site at the top of a twitter,
FaceBook, or MySpace search page result or at least on page 1 so
people can find your information?

You can get there at KuleSearch.

KuleSearch can display your site on the top of any of the Major
Social Media Search Engine results in a way you could never do it
at Google.

Discover how when you sign up and login to KuleSearch

KuleSearch is unique...

It is the internet's leading fully integrated Social Media Search
Engine. In fact, you will not find another search engine quite
like this one and you can be up there at the top of the results
page in super fast time.

You can own keywords.
You can link to popular keywords.
You can sell keywords and make a profit.
You earn cash each time someone links to a keyword you own.
You earn cash each time a sponsored member buys or links to a
keyword no matter who owns it.

What ever you want to do, you can do it faster at KuleSearch.

It's profitable.
It's affordable.
It's fun.
It's potent effective advertising.
It's for everyone (newcomers and heavy hitters).


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