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Buy Websites Cheap - Kym Robinson's New Site

My Latest Site - Buy Websites Cheap!

Traffic Showdown - We Put YOUR Sites On Center Stage!

Gday Stage Setters! Today I am introducing someone you dont know! Sharon Lam (another great Aussie chick) and I have partnered up in a new venture and our new site 'Buy Websites Cheap" is ready for you to see before anyone else does! This is all very exciting as its something that will help so many people get over the start up hurdle and get going with their online business in no time flat! I think todays 'show' can be a little tour of the new site! Give me a few minutes and I'll go and make you a video to show you around...... Ok Im back and here's the video I just made you....... [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkBNPOLc2vA[/youtube] and here's all the stuff I forgot to tell you in the other video......lol [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZFm9P75GbI[/youtube] so how cool is that! Im thinking totally cool ;) If you would like one of these sites at the ridiculous price of only $97 you better hurry and claim yours now!

Buy Websites Cheap

It’s your chance to finally be successful without having to spend a lot of time and money on trial & error or in following a million different strategies only to get stuck on step one. With a ‘Buy Websites Cheap’ auto blog you have EVERYTHING you will ever need to be successful. There’s no reason to delay. Every day that you let slip by is another day where you COULD have taken action in building a successful online business. It all starts RIGHT NOW. Simply choose which niche site you would like to own and start building your profitable network! We are only selling 20 copies of each niche site – so they are extremely exclusive – you should hurry to secure your favourite site! We will be adding new niche sites to our list regularly – feel free to suggest a niche – we will make it for you! Your Fully Automated Blog includes: Domain Name, registered for 12 months Autoupdating with posts until October 2011 (with ALL images) Professionally designed header Your own Ebook/Free Report to give away and build your list(excl.Xmas site) Weekly Preloaded articles/Posts + ALL images Adsense Ads, Amazon Store, Videos Page Clickbank Banners linked to your affiliate page All affiliate IDs added for you Fully loaded onto your server/hosting.

Buy Websites On.....

Our current list is as follows - we have websites focusing on..... Internet Marketing - Digital Photography - Weight Loss - Christmas - Panic Attacks and Teeth Whitening which are all proven cash cows but strictly only 20 of each! Get your Xmas site up now and be ready for Christmas in a hurry!

Fully Monetized Websites

and did I mention that all these sites are fully monetized with Adsense, Clickbank, Amazon etc and all the money made from them goes straight into your pocket!  YeaP! All you need to do is drive traffic and I will give you extra help there! Grab one of these great sites within the 48 hour launch period and I will throw in 5000 credits which is an automatic saving to you of $39 - it doesnt get better than that! Do yourself a favor and check out the first of our sites here - grab yours right now and we can put you at the front of the setup line! Why wait? My loyal members and subscribers get $50 bucks off for the next 48 hours only before we take it public! I'd love your thoughts and feedback as usual - please leave a comment below!

Affiliate Funnel

afWe are so close to hitting the Top 20 at AF - Im so excited! We are now # 1 on the up and coming list at Hoopla so I would hope that next week we hit the Hoopla leader board too! Showdown is on FIRE! Of course we couldnt do it without you! And we couldnt have our next AF party without you either!!!! So just click here and share the Luuuuvvv with your favourite Showgirls and get your party shoes ready for Friday! Thanks so much in advance ;)

Magical Journey Promo Today

and now for something totally different...... One of our long time loyal members Loretta Kaufman, has a novel idea and today we are going with it! Join Lori's site here for free - http://lkmj.wordpress.com/ once you have - you can dance.....lol Lori is loading up 5 x $1 cash prize pages into the rotation at Showdown today! and we are going to match her! Whilst surfing - pay particular attention and find the 'Magical Journey' prize pages - when you do - click on the page and enter the magi promo code and your Showdown ID! Simple! our matching 5 x $1 will be on the normal prize pages - just find them and claim and they are yours! we will also be having a power surf here and there throughout the day - so $10 and loads of extra credits for you to claim today! Thanks Lori - what a novel idea!

Blog Reader Codeword

Todays BRC is - magic - coz thats what the promo is and thats what our new sites are!  Leave the BRC and your Showdown ID below and score a bonus as usual - too easy! Dont forget our Twitter and Facebook bonus too - just share us with your friends and get extra credits for your effort ;)


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