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Planning My Mom's 100th Birthday Party

Let me depart from networking for a moment to share something close to my heart, my Mom was born October 27 1909 she will turn one hundred next month.

We are planning the party of the century in her honor everyone has a funny story about grandmas house and I have the funnest one.  Saturday was usually a big day we got up early and went into town. I remember it was so much fun we always looked forward to those trips to town in the wagon because it was an all day trip we usually planned to buy lunch meat, bread and drinks and go sit under a big shade tree across from the grocery store and have lunch.  Dad usually dropped us off and he and my brother would go on to the cotton gen to sell the cotton. That left me, and my little brother to help mom get groceries and lunch.  One day in paticular Dad was really late and we were getting real hungry.  So we began to search the store to see if he had come in and we had missed him.  My little brother spied a man with overalls on and he was the spittin image of my dad from the back and of all things he was eating a sandwich. My mother marched right up to him and took him by the ear and said what have YOU got here. Well the man turned around and it was not my dad, boy did mom's face turn red but my brother and I laughed all the way home at my mothers expression upon discovering she had another woman's man by the ear.



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