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Sokule adds its 85th Posting Site Today Plus 1 Million Sokens
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Sokule adds its 85th Posting Site Today
Plus 1 Million Sokens

We are so pleased to tell you that we have
added a new posting site to Sokule.

It is called Viral Networks and it will be up
in your Social Media Posting box tomorrow or

Join it today and get ready with your info.


This is a great Social Media site created by
Frank Bauer and Colin Klinkert but it is more
than that.

I just mailed to 6000 members because I am
an Elite annual member of the site so Frank and
Colin have combined the best of Social Media
with a Broadcast Mailer. You know I love that!

You can join it fr*ee and, if you are using
the Sokule posting sites or your are a posting
pro at Sokule, this new posting site is
available to you and will be visible in the
members tomorrow or wednesday.

If you join it as a gold annual member, you
get 1 million sokens at Sokule (value 1270.00)
so you may want to consider this great bonus
offer that you will find waiting for you
in the members area of Viral Networks when
you upgrade there.

Frank and Colin always produce sensational
sites and Viral Networks is a no exception.

We are so please that it has been added as
one of the Sokule Posting sites.

Once you sign up, go right to your edit profile
and put your sokule user id in there and
your posts from Sokule will start showing up
right away.

Pop Your twitter id is as well and looks
what happens. Here is my profile page
at Viral networks and both my Twitter and
Sokule sites are showing right there and
if you scroll down to the right hand side
you will see my Sokule posts.

This is really one site, I have been waiting
to tell you about and now it is here and
we are delighted to welcome Viral Networks
to the Sokule Posting family.

You will love it.


Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: If you are not yet a member of Sokule,
join us right here

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