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Zowie! The Proof is in the Pay*ing...

Zowie! The Proof is in the Pay*ing [field1]...
Hi [field1],

I always say the proof is in the paying:)
And Global Ca*sh Formula is one that pays
out like Christmas in July.

This is huge...

* It pays 10 levels deep

* It has a fr*ee mailer to 3000 members
every 3 days and you can mail whatever
program you like

* And Zowie does it pay...

It launched just a few days ago and
I have already been paid $1900.00 ca*sh
in my account with another $425.00
pending. That's a nice chunk of change
and you can get in on this now.

It is one time payment and that's it.
You can ea'rn that back in a heartbeat.

I like one time pay*ments. I grab them
whenever I can. You should too. It save
and makes me a ton of money every time
I do it.


Don't want to advertise yourself?

I am using the ez advertising system
where I get sign ups without lifting
a finger. I love that. You do have to
pay extra for that service but I find
it's really worth it.

This one is worth going for now...


Jane Mark
JPE Advertising

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I get sign ups every day by using Sokule
to advertise this site.

If you are not a member of Sokule, you are
missing one of the most powerful advertising
tools on the net. Join now and use this
amazing service.


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