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Kule Search Special...the Turkey Clock is running Out
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Kule Search Special...the Turkey Clock is running Out

The Turkey Clock is ticking
Time is running out.

Our Thanksgiving Special at Kule Search runs
out Sundah nov 28th at midnight est.

It's a corker don't miss it.


AT Kule Search, you can buy and sell and
link to keywords for a profit

We are paying out 75% of the action at
Kule Search to our members

We pay every Friday and if you play your
cards right, you can get paid this Friday.

You can join fr*ee and even fr*ee members
can ea*rn.

You can fund your account with as little
as 10 bucks and end up with your site
at the top of all of the major search
engines on the net.

Here's the bird with all the trimmings.


Anyone signing up between today and the end
of the Thanksgiving weekend and who funds
their account with 250.00 or more will get
1 million sokens added to their account at
our Big Brother site, Sokule.

Why would you want a million smackeroo sokens
at Sokule?

Here's why.

Over at Sokule, we build a list for you
on auto pilot using these soken

You can contact that list daily.

Post to them about Kule Search
Get referrals under you at Kule Search

You ea*rn from every transaction your
referrals make.

Sokule is a fabulous place to advertise
Kule search or any other site you are working
with and you need a list to advertise to

Sokule give you that list and it does it
on auto pilot.

You do absolutely nothing at all.

So here is how you take advantage of the
Kule Seach Thanksgiving Day Special

Sign up to Kule Search here:


Fund your account with 250.00.

If you are already a Kule Search member simply
add, 250.00 to your Kule Search funds some time
this weekend and you will pick up a Kule Million
sokens at Sokule. Value 1270.00.

Sign up to Sokule here

And we will add 1 million sokens to your
Sokule account once you fund your Kule Search
account with 250.00 starting today or anytime
this Thanskgivign weekend until Sunday midnight

You gotta be sweet potatoes still growing
in the ground not to gobble this one up:)

Have a great Thanksgiving


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: If you upgrade to founder at Kule Search
this weekend, you get 5 million sokens at Sokule
Value 6350.00. You can read all about the
founder membership in the members area of
Kule Search. We actually give you back 1000.00
of you payment to buy keywords and link your
own sites to them. It's a doozy offer as is
but it just got better over Thanksgiving.

Upgrade to Partner and you will get 10 million
sokens at Sokule. Value 12,700.00. We give
you back 4200.00 to spend at KuleSearch when
you join us as a partner.

Why are we going sokens crazy at Thanksgiving?

Because sokens is the gravy that lets you build
you own list on auto pilot and mail to that list.

Yes, Virgina, The Money is in the list and we
are playing Santa Claus a few weeks early here
by making it possible for you to have a real
list of hundreds, even thousands of peopl
way before Christmas alights on your doorstep.

Whether you are advertising Sokule or KuleSearch
or any site of you own, it is tough to do without
a list to mail to. Sokens at Sokule provides you
that list all you need to do is carve your way
into it and wing your way to daily sales.

Gobble it!




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