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The Secret To Massive Traffic Is Duplication with Traffic Zipper
Increase Traffic - The Secret To Massive Traffic Is Duplication

Traffic Showdown - We Put YOUR Sites On Center Stage!

Gday Stage Setters!
I want to wish everyone a very happy Top Hat Tuesday! :-) Before we get into today's post, Increase Traffic - The Secret To Massive Traffic Is Duplication, I want to say Gday to all my friends!

Introducing Traffic Zipper

You've heard about, bought and probably read all of the courses, reports and "secrets" on how the millionaire marketers generate massive traffic. Don't be mad - but I could have saved you thousands - here's the key:
Yep, one single word that all will confess is key to massive online traffic (which leads to more sales and greater success - faster).
Find a system that gets results, and simply "ramp it up"! But duplicating the steps involved in getting traffic can be expensive and very time consuming - Here's another word:
Yes, they used to be - but that was before the Zipper...
This system actually let's you manage 15 different traffic streams in the same amount of time it would have taken you to manage
any one of them alone - I wont leave a big long story here -  let's recap:traffic zipper
It's like having 15 of YOU driving traffic every single day.
And it gets better...
Mike's adding at least 1 new system to the Traffic Zipper every month - so very quickly you just might have the full equivalent of a 20 person traffic staff! (now thats what Im talking about!)
Do Me a Favour?
When you join there is a link in the member area so you can vote on which sites are included -
please vote for Quick List Profits - the Number 1 Viral List Building site (according to Traffic Hoopla for 6 weeks in a row)
Don't wait - or you could miss out - not everyone will get in, but if you hurry - you might be in time... and to ensure you get some extra hurry in your step - do it now and claim a massive Showdown bonus of 500/500/500.
Just send your new Traffic Zipper ID into admin and claim your bonus! Click the banner and join now.....

November Referral Competition

Have you got your referring on?
The person with the MOST referrals on the last day of the month will get $1 for each NEW active referral and $25 extra, an upgrade and 5000 credits!!
The NEXT 9 people will WIN $1/500 credits/500 banners/500 texts!!
You only need to refer THREE new members to have a legitimate chance here!!!
We are keeping a very close eye on the competition.
no cheaterThe RULES - please read carefully!
  • No paid to sign ups
  • No paid to promote
  • Refs must surf 50 pages to activate their accounts
  • You need at least 3 referrals to qualify for prizes
  • One account per member/IP address only
  • Only refs that meet the criteria will be added to your total
We will also again employ an independent person to oversee and check ALL referrals and had another mod installed that will track EVERYONE'S individual refs and their stats, etc.
We must protect the integrity of the exchange and most importantly our honest members who support us and Showdown day in and day out! PERIOD!!
Your referrals must be ACTIVATED members that have surfed!

Traffic Showdown Promotional Goods Defined

On the left hand side of your Showdown member's area you will see the following button:


That is the page where you will find the following:

  • Personalized Splash Page - there is a link at the top of the page that takes you to Your Personal Splash Info and there you add your name as you would like it to appear, upload a picture, a link to a banner image and a target URL you want it to go to when the banner is clicked on, a text link target URL, a text ad, your Traffic Showdown testimonial and at the very bottom is the URL to your personalized splash page. All this is great for branding YOU while attracting new members to Showdown.
  • Your Referring URL - http://trafficshowdown.com/?rid=YOURTrafficShowdownID#here.
  • Promo Emails - this link will take you to a page that contains pre-written promotional emails. NO SPAMMING PLEASE!!! Dynamic Splash Page - this is a great page to promote in the traffic exchanges because it shows surfers what is going on that particular day at Showdown. It changes automatically based on the day's event. Very cool.
  • Splash Pages -  at last count there are 33 splash pages with your referral ID# linked to them for your choosing.
  • Banners - at last count there are 11 banners to choose from. Each banner has your referral link and image link below them.

Quick List Profits - Best Viral List Builder

Have you signed up at Quick List Profits yet?
I have provided folks with another explosive way to grow your online presence by providing a site that will not only give you everything necessary to succeed, but it comes with INSTANT COMMISSIONS too!!!
It's a kick butt List Building site and I have pretty well thought of everything to make sure you get a Guru Sized List and Into Profits Quick!
It Doesn't Get Better Than That....Oh Wait! Yes It Does!
You also get:
  • Professional Video training
  • Pre-Written Content
  • Proven Sales Letters
  • Gift Packs to Give Away
  • and SO MUCH MORE...
Join Today And You'll Even Get the following Free Traffic Package:
  • 1,000 Mailing Credits
  • 2 x Text Links w/ 1000 Impressions
  • 2 x Banner Ads w/ 1000 Impressions

Click the "Advertising" button and redeem Promo Code: welcomegift
If you use list builders and well...who doesn't? then check this out quick!  and as I mentioned Im doing INSTANT COMMISSIONS for ALL members!!!  Confirm Your Free Traffic System, Build Your List and Earn Instant Commissions by joining today:

AS AN ADDED BONUS - When you join Quick List Profits through this link (CLICK HERE), send in a ticket through the Traffic Showdown Admin Support System (not the blog!) and our favorite Site Manager, Carol, will add 250 FREE credits to your Showdown account.

Today at Traffic Showdown

Today is Top Hat Tuesday and along with the $0.30 per 1,000 page views Showdown will be loading up the prize pages with EXTRA CREDITS!
I am throwing in a BIG surprise onto the prize pages for 10 lucky surfers - will you be one of the 10 that find this massive prize? Click it to win! So pay close attention or you may miss them. ;-)

Blog Reader Code Word

Today's BRC is - Gilligan - leave the code word in the comments section below including your Traffic Showdown ID# and get yourself a nice little BONUS!

Traffic Showdown Winners

Traffic Showdown Show GirlThe winners for the last joint promo with Go Green and Volcano.....
4 x $1/100/100/100 are 2044, 6302, 3428 and 2037, 2 x 500 credits are 4255 and 1922, 2 x 1000 banners are 1150 and 2650, 2 x 2000 text impressions are 2052 and 5614!
Congratulations everyone! Please contact Traffic Showdown to claim your prizes :)
See you on the stage soon!


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