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It's GREAT fun and I get Paid as well


 I should have known that anything that Jane and Phil touch will probably turn to gold,

 yet I was still sceptical when I first joined Kulesearch.   Now some 3 weeks later, I have 

to admit that I was completely wrong.

This Kulesearch program I can quite honestly say, is the first program ever that I have

tried to make money with,  that can be described as FUN as opposed to WORK!

I currently "own" 154 key words or phrases, any of which could make me a lot of money

but apart from that consideration, by owning these words, My sites are automatically listed

at the top of any searches thus getting plenty of eyeballs on my offers or sites.

That can't be bad.

Some of the words have become far too expensive for me to buy but, because I linked to them

whilst I did own them, my sites still show up in 2nd or 3rd place in the searchlistings.

Talking of the fun element, here is an example,  the other night Jane was holding a Webinar

and explaining how the system worked.   She decided to buy a keyword and then link to it as a

demonstration.    She bought the keyword BUT  before she could link to the word ( For $0 )

someone else jumped in and bought the word from right under her nose.   This caused quite

a bit of merriment  on the Webinar.    I then decided to add to the chaos and bought the same word

myself and immediately linked to it.   It wasn't long before someone else bought it back from me though

and I made a commision from the sale.

As Jane said, the action can be fast and furious as well as fun.   Unlike the stock market, the

value of keywords NEVER go down.   Oh if only the rest of life was so predictable and easy.

NOW, If you want to  join the fun and be a part of this wonderful new site, all you have to do

is click the link below and join up.  You have a choice of 4 levels from FREE to Founder and you

can start with as little as $10 to fund your account.

Go FOR IT  -  You will enjoy it -  I promise. You will LOVE it - I promise

You will wonder why on earth you didn't join before!


Keith Darby



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