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Headlights 2010 Jane's Sunday Sermon

Headlights 2010 Jane's Sunday Sermon


When you look around the net each day
don't you often feel like a deer in the
headlights not knowing which direction
to run in?

I do.

There is so much to look at.
So many this and that site launching.

It can make any sane person nuts:)

I like to keep my eye on the ball and
my ear to the ground and listen for
what's coming up and what has the potential
to help you succeed.

Headlights 2010  Jane's Sunday Sermon

We are right around the corner from a New Year.

The old one has been a struggle for many
people all over the world.

Let's see if we can head in the right
direction for 2010.

There several ingredients that you need to
turn any business into a success.


First- you need to know the site you are
promoting inside out and upside down and
be passionate about it.


Second- you need good places to advertise that site.


Third- you need to drop the word "fr;ee from
your vocabulary.

It's okay to join sites fr*ee, but, if you
expect to make any real dough that way,
2010 may not be a good year for you.


That's not to say there aren't really good
deals out there especially, at this time of
year, but they come with some sort of price
just like Christmas presents do. You should
grab them when they come along. They will
help you light up 2010.

Later today you will see my promo for a
site that is giving away a free computer
(or cash equivalent) to everyone who joins.

Look for my subject line

Yes Virginia, A  fr.ee computer for Everyone


You must have a Giblink username and password
and be a paid member of Giblink to grab this
very special deal

You can join Giblink, my favorite site on the
net, here



Sokule Deal

Sokule is one of those must have advertising
sites and there is a holiday special going on
there which ends tonight at midnight

Watch for my subject line

Sokule's Holiday Gift to You

Join here today or upgrade at the Silver level
or higher and the deal is yours.
It's 350,000 Sokens -value 227.00



There a new list that just launched and
if you join at level 4 (one time payment
87.00 you can mail to everyone who joins
That will head you in the right direction
for 2010

Watch for my subject line
New list. You can level the paying ground with


And there a list launching on January 9th
2010 which is a pip and which you can only
join for fr*ee right now in pre launch

Watch for my subject line

Cost Zero-Just Pre launched. Go Now

Here's the point

We are headed into 2010

As you head there, you need the tools
that work for any site you are promoting

What works?

Sokule works through its ability to reach
literally hundreds of thousands of people
with one click

Good mailers work and you can never have
too many mailers

Pick the one or two programs that you like
for 2010 and grab the deals now that will
let you make those programs a success for you

And keep in mind while you are doing this
that there are no fr*ee rides.

Instead of all those Christmas presents
that we all buy that nobody wants or needs
bake brownies and use the dough to in-vest
in you

Put your headlights on for 2010 and let them
shine on you.

Have a great Sunday.

And Go get um.


Jane Mark
JPE advertising
Sokule, Inc
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