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Do Soft Sell Marketing Strategies Really Work?

If you have a blocked drain and your neighbor tells you
how she used this environmentally friendly product to
clear hers and it worked,

wouldn't you run out and get it?

that's soft sell marketing using the power of a testimonial.

When you go to the store to buy the train cleaner...

do you resent paying for it?


Just because you offer products and services online doesn't
mean you have to resort to “smarmy,” under-handed,
“black hat” marketing tricks.

The Soft Sell markting way is to lead with value, be of
service, and provide real solutions.

These strategies work online and offline.

The beauty of online is that you can share testimonials on the
page and teach people something right there on the salespage
for your solution.

Focus always on building relationships and serving your audience,
and you'll never go wrong!.

I was so honored when my new friend Betty Walker, the Wise Web
Lady, invited me to be 1 of 7 experts to share our nuggets of
wisdom in the Soft Sell Your Way to Success Package

Betty Walker the "Wise Web Lady" assembled an amazing group
of top level business owners to share their soft sell marketing
strategies with you at a low tuition  that will make you smile.

She interviewed 7 of us to get you some golden nuggets to
grow your biz.

Here's what one of the other experts said about the series…

"    It's rare someone comes up with a topic that gets me excited to hop on a call and do an interview for. This was one of those rare cases, and because of my enthusiasm for the subject, I really stepped it up!

"    I am excellently pleased with how it came out and I think this is a wonderful package that can benefit anyone in online marketing.

"    The trend is going from "hard sell" to "soft sell", and this can help you best position yourself to seize the new marketplace "soft sell" buying preference and use it to grow your business quicker."

---  Jason Fladlien http://www.6FigureBaby.com

The Soft Sell Your Way to Success Package includes 7 sizzling
sessions during which Betty Walker, the  Wise Web Lady, asks
insightful questions that any business owner asks. Her A-list
team of experts share the tips and strategies that have made
them successful..

Get all the details about  Soft Sell Your Way to Success Now at Claim Soft Sell Your Way to Success Now.

"     You really assembled a stellar cast of interviewees here and they really deliver - they're fantastic!.

"     What impressed me especially was how well they complemented each other, as they combine to provide a really comprehensive guide to soft sell marketing.

"    I'm very familiar with the work of several of the interviewees, but there were so many things I had never heard them talk about before. And when I got to the interviews with experts who were new to me, I was really impressed.""

---    Elisabeth Kuhn http://www.eMoneyMagic.com

Here are my comments about the package:

"    Betty, you are one of the most insightful interviewers I have met! Great job both selecting the experts and extracting all those golden nuggets from everyone!

"    Anyone who wants to overcome a fear of selling or who wants to know exactly how to avoid the hard-sell and focus on serving your audience will learn a ton from this terrific series of interviews."

---    Ronda Del Boccio, The Story Lady of profitableStorytelling.com
    #1 bestselling author of The Peace Seed.

Get all the details about Soft Sell Your Way to Success Now at
Claim Soft Sell Your Way to Success Now.

Follow your bliss!


PS Buziness is all about building relationships, and soft sell
is THE way to build a solid relationship based on trust,
value and love.
Claim Soft Sell Your Way to Success Now.


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