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The Secret To 600 Articles In One Year!

Micheal Savoie & Ted Ciuba

I got to watch Ted Ciuba talking about Article Marketing, and he blew me away. The guy wrote over 600 articles in 2009 and is planning on doing more than that in 2010!

How does he do it?

Easy, he uses a recording device, either one of those USB audio recorders, or like I did, he uses a flip camera and then has it transcribed. A 4 minute video makes a nice sized article, and you can also submit the video and audio to the video and podcast sites.

I expect to do much more article writing now that I realize that my flip camera is not just the eye for cool visual things, but I can use the camera to record me talking and have content I can use 3 ways!

Let's make it happen in 2010!

Micheal Savoie

PS - You can also use article marketing for great backlinks, which is the number one reason that many affiliate marketers use them.If you want more backlinking tips, check out my Backlink Videos.



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