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How To Get Those Greeting Cards Out In Under An Hour - Even Hundreds Of Them
Tomorrow, December 14th at 8-9pm EST, I'm demonstrating
and explaining a system that will allow you to get all
of your holiday cards out really FAST. You can also
use the system to send routine greeting cards for
business or personal purposes.

You can tune in to the demonstration right over the
internet at my online radio show:


Since 2005 I've been using an online system to design
and send out PHYSICAL greeting cards. I pay less than
$1 each to do this, for the same quality of card that
you'd pay $4-$5 for in a card shop.

I'd like to demonstrate the system to you... it's
about a 5-minute walk-through... but I've set up a
1-hour show to answer any and all questions.  

I'll even pay for you to send a few cards :-)

The way it works is that you log-in, choose a basic
design, there are literally thousands to choose from.

You enter your message on the inside, and a digital photo
or two, enter the recipients mailing address, and then
click the send button.  A full-color greeting card
is printed, put in an envelope with first class postage
on it, and mailed.  

If you have a LOT of people that you want to send the
same card to (with personalization), you just upload
your list of addressees, select a card you've designed
and saved (with placeholder for personalization of things
such as name... or even children’s' names), and when you
click the send button... the system confirms how many
cards you're sending, and tells you the cost.

I've used the system to send as many as 400 cards at

Now you never have an excuse for not getting those
Christmas cards out.  You also have no excuse to not
send birthday, anniversary, graduation, congratulations,
etc. cards.  It takes less than 5 minutes, and you
can do it without ever leaving your house.

You can also get set-up to earn commissions by telling
others about the system.   I get paid on every card
that my referrals send... and they thank me for
saving them both time and money.

If you'd like to check out the system before my show,
you can do that at:

A video there steps you through the process.

I look forward to sharing with you the same system
that I've used for 4 years - I couldn't get along
without it now, and neither could many of my friends.

You'll love it.

On the show I'll explain everything and answer any
questions that you have.

Thank you and I'll talk with you then.



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