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Holiday 3.0 Janes Sunday Sermon
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Holiday 3.0  Janes Sunday Sermon

Santa used to come in a sleigh and no one knew
exactly where he was or when he would get to
your house.

Remember that?

Now there are kids all over the world who
can track Santa by satellite.

It's enough to make Rudolph's nose red.

Gifts used to be wrapped with shining, glittering
paper and ribbons and bows.

Now you need to check to see if your wraps are
from recycled paper or there may be heck to pay.

Christmas cards used to have trees or holly
or icicles that hung on their front side-
a season's greeting message to the right
when you opened it slowly after savoring the
front scene. There was room on the left side
to write a long love letter to someone
and on the back was the name of the manufacturer
and, if your message was a particularly long one
you just wrote..."see back"

Remember that?

Now, you get a postcard with the family picture
which can be very nice but it also lets you see just
how everyone in your family is aging:)

If you can't manage to get the family photo
organized in time for Christmas, there is
always jibjab. The have sendables now. It
sure didn't take them long to go from Politics
to Feliz Navidad.

Who would have thunk it.
Jibjab 3.0:)

Gifts used to be meticulously shopped for braving
the store crowds and walking through a wonderland
of store holiday decor and music.

Now Amazon carries everything online that you
could ever dream up.

Have you ever noticed that when you search
for anything that you want to buy, Amazon
comes up somewhere in the mix?

The holiday decor is not so great at Amazon, but you
sure can zip something out in a hurry to anyone anywhere.

The holidays have moved to 3.0

I'm not so sure I like it, but then I am a long
love letter writer so it takes a bit getting used to.

Holiday 3.0 Jane's Sunday Sermon

On Thursday, I got an SOS from my Mother
She forget to send out presents to her
grandson and great grandson.

She picked them out.
They were from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
in New York.

She brought them home and then didn't have time
to mail them.

SOS The phone rang.

Jane can you find these items online and can
you get them out to Andy and Michela and Alex
by Christmas?"

The SOS came in on Thursday, Dec 23rd.

"Mom...don't you think this is a wee bit
late to be sending artsy stuff from New York
to Chicago. I ask lamely."

"Well You can check, right?"

hmmm I thought to myself. Mom why don't you get
on the computer I bought you five years ago
that you have never turned on and buy them

She probably would have told me that her
computer was old and not 3.0:)

I dutifully went online and searched for
The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It came up in a 3.0 second.

Flashing at the top right of the website was..

"order by 1.00 pm today est. and it will arrive
by Christmas"

Son of a gun, I thought.

I looked at my watch.
It was only 11.00 am est.

I had plenty of time to shop for Mom's gifts
and to add in a couple of my own:)

Sure enough, my kids had the Museum well in hand
by Christmas eve,

Christmas shopping 3.0 has arrived even in the art world.

Now... I suppose you think I searched for...
The Metropolitan Museum of Art at Google.
I mean that is the go to site to search for
anything, right?


I went to KuleSearch to search for the Museum.


I chose from the drop down menu and I searched
at twitter and facebook and google and sokule
and bing and yahoo and kulespace and kulesearch
all at the same time.

Why did I search at KuleSearch?

Because I own the term- at KuleSearch-
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

And I wanted to see my own site come up at the
top of a Google Search for the Met.

It did!!!!

That's because I bought the keyword term
The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I bought it for 20 cents and then I linked
KuleSearch to it for nothing.

Go ahead try it you will see what I mean Go to


Pop the words in-
The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Pick any search engine to search on.

Watch and see what comes up when you do.

KuleSearch is 3.00 technology

Not only can you search for whatever you are
looking for at KuleSearch.

Not only can you find it with your own site
right at the top of the search.

But you can also make mon*ey with your searches
I pocket 50 to 300 dollars every day at KuleSearch
just by buying the right keywords and keyword
terms at the right price and reselling them
or linking to them.

And whenever I make money at KuleSearch someone
else is making it too at the same time. Sometimes
many someone elses

Are you one of them.

If that ain't holiday 3.00, I don't know what is

Have a great Sunday

And go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

PS I also bought the keyword term
The Metropolitan Opera.

I bought it for 20 cents.
I sure hope opera doesn't go 3.0 :)






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