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Massive Changes Made - ALL Members Please Read ASAP
Survey Changes and Making Traffic Showdown More Profitable and More Responsive

Traffic Showdown - We Put YOUR Sites On Center Stage!

Gday Stage Setters, This is a lengthy post but probably the most important one you will read for a while!  Please read this post thoroughly as we announce many changes that will effect ALL Traffic Showdown members from this day forward!

As you know, we here at Traffic Showdown have been planning and implementing changes for the new year.  Last year we implemented several different strategies and trialled many changes to test the results of different projects and experiments.

Recently we undertook our member surveys so we could find out your thoughts and feedback. Then we unfortunately ran into programming problems whilst I was in the middle of determining the results and the outcomes and changes that would be made from those results and other business factors.

I was going to just add the edits here and then point you back to the previous article I had written about the upcoming changes. Instead I have decided to put everything here in the one blog post for ease of search and to be able to point people to all the information in one place that will effect Traffic Showdown memberships.  So I would like to start by saying........ Thank You Thanks to everyone who took part! We have already compiled all your responses, suggestions, feedback and ideas and after incorporating everything, including our own business goals into our Showdown business strategy for 2011 - we have information for you below.... but first lets touch on ....

Recent Programming Issues

It turns out that the recent programming issues have now been resolved!  

Thank goodness for that - its been a tough few days in here!  I would like to thank you all for your patience while we got it all sorted out. (Well I say 'we' but what I really mean is a very smart programmer who is now employed on an on going basis - Welcome Damion ;) )

It seems the script did not like a few changes I made recently and also some mathematical formulas I used were incorrect.  It started out with a simple html job to change the competitions page for January that went wrong and then a dropped character or 2 later and some bungled fix it attempts by me and it was all down hill from there!  I tried to reinstall my backup, which had the old surf ratio of .3 on it and then when I tried to fix that within cpanel as the admin settings would not change - I found I was doomed!

This set off a chain reaction where several parts of the script were effected.  Next thing I knew we had lost a fair bit of functionality over the last few days.  Anyways I wont bore you with all the nitty gritty details - I just want you to know we are all back up to speed now and again - thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Traffic Showdown Member Survey Results

Ok so the following survey results incorporate the changes we have already informed you of and also the newer strategies that we plan to initiate.  We will be completing our business plan for this site and implementing all changes immediately.

So lets take a look at what you guys and girls had to say.....

Although about 25% of the membership is new (Welcome!) 1 out of 3 have been here over 12 months. That goes to show that our referral competitions and promotional materials convert and that once people find us they stay with us - all good!

60% surf daily - thats good to know and also helps us to work out other statistics and financial aspects of running the site. When asked 'what you like about the blog' you gave the following answers in this order.... the daily news and promotions the articles the bonus offers the freebies the videos (youtube music etc) Its quite apparent that lots of people enjoy reading my articles and find them helpful and informative.

36% of you love them and a further 25% of you find them REALLY helpful and would be very disappointed if they were not available as you learn lots of interesting tactics and strategies to help you in your online business efforts! 44% of people love the Monday chuckles, 44% could take it or leave and 12% think its a waste of time!

When asked whether you agreed with the 30c per 1000 pages surfed, 66% like it - 30% aren't fussed either way - 4% dont care about it at all. Almost half of you are happy to stop 30/1000 and (dissapointingly if there's such a word) a whole 10% of you are only here for cash :( So how have results been since we implemented the 30c/1000 trial? Well interestingly 35% see no difference in results - 23% see heaps better - 29% see a bit better and 12% say results are worse.

Less than 1 in 5 of you would like to surf and chat.

We also found we need to do a better job of making sure our members know about everything we have to offer! 10% didnt know you could convert cash to credits and 13% didnt know we had quick start and video tutorials - another 18% didnt know they could use account cash to upgrade!

We also found out that 81% are happy without 24/7 support and 71% of you would like an in house affiliate program to make more money from. We asked whether you were involved in our monthly ref comps - 51% are promoting for ref comps and seeing the benefits, 23% were just seeing the benefits and 26% aren't into them at all.

That means the 51% of people who ARE referring have less competition in the monthly cash and prizes on offer only to people that ARE referring new members! When I asked about TEs that only allow cash out for upgraded members - 56% of you understood it from a business point of view but were not hot on the "no cash out for free members" bit and we got some more info too!

New Strategies for Traffic Showdown for 2011

So as you all know - we are running a business here! Traffic Showdown is just one of many sites that I own, and I am working hard to ensure that all tasks and duties of both my own and my staffs and partners are as streamlined and profitable as possible.

I am also constantly looking for new ways to increase revenue and opportunities for both myself and my members - and boy! have I got some good stuff coming this year!

So with all that said - here is whats happening at Traffic Showdown..... firstly - as it seems very important to all Showdown members - free members can still cash out as usual - no changes there!

support hours will change - we are currently manned 24/7 which is a costly exercise! Since 81% of you are happy with less support we will lessen our hours HOWEVER - with Carol and I on opposite sides of the world, we envisage your support tickets will still be answered very promptly! We will be doing set hours (say twice a day) for daily rewards and static items like that but will check in regularly - rather than sitting in admin all day :)

The Traffic Showdown Blog is Changing Too!

In order to decrease time allocated to blog maintainance - we will have a few changes here on the blog. Monday chuckles still on Wednesday will be article day Friday will be video day On the above days and all other days you will still be able to find: the daily promotion the winners list the BRC and on every other day you will still find...... freebies bonus offers complimentary reports

Making Traffic Showdown More Profitable and More Responsive

We have plans to make Showdown a more profitable place for you too!

We believe in rewarding people for their efforts and time spent in their own online ventures so there will be changes to how and what you can earn.

We will be encouraging more people to upgrade and will be increasing upgraded members benefits, after all, its the people who support us financially that allow us to continue so we want more of those people on board and will be working hard to obtain them - great for us and great for you if they are in your down line!

In order to achieve the above we have made some decisions that some people will not be happy with but that will achieve the goal of weeding out people who are here only to surf for cash, it will increase responsiveness by setting those people free (as a nice way of putting it) and will reward members even more who support us by either promoting or by being upgraded or both.

I guess this would be considered the biggie for some people.....

One of the biggest and most controversial things I did last year was to run a trial of the surf for cash rewards program.

The trial program was originally offered for one month but got extended for several while we split tested every aspect of what we were doing.   I find the results of that trial interesting and am ready to adjust things based on my findings.  

Im sure there will be great debate by other owners who want to have their 2 cents worth here!  Thats fine - whatever!

I am proud of the fact that I am always open to new possibilities and trialling many new things that my members might enjoy and benefit from - some times they are great and sometimes they are not.  I will never stop pushing the boundaries and testing new or different ideas that seem unconventional to move forward.  I am also not into 'doing what other owners think I should' just to stay in the good books and offer no competition to them!  I know that  my loyal and supportive members know I am always doing the best I can for them and respect me for that!  Today I am making changes to continue doing the best I can for my members!

So it seems we have attracted the wrong crowd to some extent with over 10% of members only here for cash and not here for the reason they should be which is to view your sites and advertise their own!

With 35% of you seeing no difference in results to responsiveness, 12% seeing worse results than before the trial, 30% of you not caring either way and almost half of you are happy to stop the 30/1000 - I have decided there will be some changes!

Effective immediately ONLY upgraded members will be rewarded with cash for surf.

This should weed out all the free members who are only here to waste your credits and abuse my generosity! We have decided to reward loyal and active members in other ways.

So we will increase  earnings for referring and also change the way the monthly referral comp runs to reward members even more for introducing new members to our site.  As of next month you will see that the referral comp will have a different format that will reward more people for their efforts to a much higher level. (this months rewards are different to the usual also and you can now see them on the 'fixed' competition page)

Free members will see their commissions on upgrades double and where as free members were not getting any commissions on purchases at all - you will now get 10% of all purchases made by your down lines as well.

We will also be increasing upgraded members benefits as well. We will be finalizing these figures and changing content on the site to reflect these changes immediately.  ( I will change out splash pages etc to reflect the changes so there is no need to worry about changing your promotions all around the place) I will post the new membership levels and features tomorrow.

Rest assured ALL CURRENT UPGRADED MEMBERS WILL BE BETTER OFF and aside from the omission of the cash surf for free members - free members will get more benefits than they had before also. (these changes will be finalized and implemented and published here on the blog by tomorrow) I know some of you will be unhappy with the decision to only allow cash surfing rewards for upgraded members, however I see no other alternative at the moment.  

I want a responsive TE where members get good solid results and can rest assured that their efforts in surfing or their investment in purchasing credits is a totally worthwhile experience.

I dont want members to even think about whether their credits are being used acceptably - I want all members to KNOW they are getting excellent value and effective promotion all day every day! Please feel free to leave a comment below and tell us what you think of the above or visit us at the best manual traffic exchange to make a comment there!


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