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They call it The Crazy List mailer, but...

They call it The Crazy List mailer, but...

Watch for my crazy bonus below
Value 497.00

Here is the link I promised you

Go Now

Is it really looney, loopy, weird, odd,
bizarre or really crazy?

Nope It's a new list mailer that's...

Crazy Like a Fox
Here is just some of the things you will
find waiting for you.

Fast start Bonuses
A cycler
A Mailer to contact addresses.

* It's the Mailer I love.

You can get your banners up
You can get your programs up

Get in now and get yourself some fast
Christmas dough and use the mailer for

It's a one time reasonable payment.

This one is a no brainer.



Jane Mark

PS Once you sign up, get the word out on
Sokule. You can be all over the net in
a nano second at Sokule.

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PS Special Crazy Mailer Bonus

Sign up under my link here

Pay the 65 bucks one time and I will make
it worht your while

Collect 50,000 Croc Ads credits. Here's


You must sign directly under my link to collect
this bonus.

Please allow 48 hours for your Croc ads credits
to be added.

This offer ends on Friday Dec 18th at midnight
est so make your move now.










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