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Rock Up to the Party -Special Invite From Jane Mark
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Rock Up to the Party -Special Invite From Jane Mark

This is very hush hush so keep it under your hat.

I have insider information and you can trade on it.

Mark this date and time on your calender.
It's an Online Party so all you need is
a computer to party with us.

Feb 19th, 9.15 pm est.

Here is what you need to do to get in on this party.

Sign up here

Sign up free and then fund your account and get familiar
with the site before you Rock Up to the Party on Saturday
Feb 19th, 2011.

You can fund your account with as little as 10 bucks.

A bunch of experts down at the JV Alert Orlando seminar are going
to be playing at KuleSearch that evening and you can get
right smack dab in the middle of the action and play right
along with the big boys.

Watch your sales soar along with the experts online.

KuleSearch is one of the most innovative advertising sites on the net.

You can buy, sell and link to, keywords, and when you do,
you ea*rn commissions.

If someone links to a keyword you own, you ea*rn comm*issions.

If you sponsor people you ea*rn from every transaction
they make at the site.

The actions is fast, furious, fun and highly profitable.

You can even get your own websites shown at the top
of a Search at Google, Twitter, Facebook, Bing, Sokule,
Yahoo and many other well known search engines just
by linking your site to relevant keywords at KuleSearch.

Rock up to the Party, Saturday Feb 19th, 2011 at 9.00 PM Est

All you need to do is to sign up fr*ee here and fund your
account with as little as $10 bucks or as much as you like.


I strongly recommend you start playing around at the site
now so you get a feel for it and see how it works.

Make sure you take a close look at the recently traded
keywords and the kule ticker. This is where most of the
action will be.

Anyone can do this. It's drop dead easy.

Then....On Feb 19th right around 9.00 pm EST, log into
your KuleSearch account and get right in on the action
with all the big guns. You could make some fast, easy,

Watch the Kuleticker as words get traded and when
you feel like stepping in, just buy a keyword and sit
back relax and see what happens.

I'll be there rocking the party.
You come too.

Don't miss this.


All you need to do is to be a KuleSearch
member and show up on Feb 19th to play.

But you may want to start early
In fact you can start right now and pocket
dough right now and get paid daily.


They call me the Queen of Vegas-Advertising
Vegas that is and now you know why:)



Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS It is not too late to actually join the
real party of experts down in Orlando at
JV Alert.

If you would like to join us and a group of
some of the most well known, smart and very
friendly marketing experts, come to
Orlando. It's a marketing party all weekend
long and you are invited.

Smooze with us all here.


PPS: If you plan on attenting the JV Alert
Orlando seminar, please let me know so I
make sure I catch up with you.


If you can't join us in person, then make sure
you Rock up to the party by being a member
of KuleSearch and playing right along with us


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