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On Monday the Doors will Close... (for another 12 months)

This is Stephane (Steph) Tourigy.

I just wanted to let you know that Self Improvement Gifts 5
is closing its doors on Monday (for another 12 months), so
if you have not checked it out yet and you were thinking of
doing so there is still a little time left:

Access 900 gifts from Self Improvement Gifts 5

More than 20,000 people have already visited the event and
claimed their share of the goodies, so I want to make sure
you don't miss out while you still have the chance.

But, I know you are busy, so I decided to go check out the
offerings myself and give you a quick summary of the gifts
that caught my eye.

I jotted down some notes on 10 titles that caught my
attention on the opening gift pages (a small sample of
the 900+ gifts that are currently available). Here's
my quick review of them:

** Note that some of the gifts might have moved to a
different page since the time I checked them out, but
they should all be located within the first 10 pages
of the gift listings. Also, be sure to visit the
General Downloads page to find the list of all titles
in the event. **

[1] Mind Power Evolution Kit

Some of the most popular gifts in these self improvement
giveaways are products that help you to reshape your
perception of the world. Iain Legg's Mind Power gift
shows you "how to attract luck, how to cure your mind and
body while sleeping by pre-programming your dreams, and
how to attract new partners with just the power of your

This gift also contains an interesting audio called
"The Garden of Enlightenment" which is said to be a
powerful brainwave entrainment audio that stimulates
both sides of the brain at different frequencies until
they are brought into balance, thereby creating a peaceful
sense of well being by utilizing higher brain functions.

You'll find this gift on page 1 of the giveaway.

[2] How to Make Your Mind a Money Magnet!

Dr. Robert Anthony's ebook on how to gain control of
your financial destiny is always been very popular and
his message about how to escape the bonds of financial
desperation resonates as strongly as it ever has,
especially in these tough economic times. The key,
says Anthony is to learn how to provide value to others,
at which point money will flow back to you as naturally
as water follows the course of a river bed.

You'll find this gift on page 2 of the giveaway.

[3] Conquer Your Procrastination
Ever wonder why some people manage to shoot to the top
of the company and leave everyone else fighting for
their next bump in pay raise? Alex Makarski provides an
audio interview with a Fortune 500 consultant who will
help you recognise whether procrastination is the problem
holding you back, and then show you how to follow through
with the task every time.

You'll find this gift on page 2 of the giveaway.

[4] Turn Your Passsion into a book. How You Can Become
A Best Selling Author

Some people say there is a writer in all of us waiting
to get out. Warren Whitlock believes this and the goal
of his gift is to help you turn your passion into a book
and become a best seller. Warren claims to have helped
hundreds of authors become best sellers over the years
and he'll show you how it's done, and how you can use
your book to create new leads, open doors to new
partnerships and multiply your income.

You'll find this gift on page 4 of the giveaway.

[5] Raising Mindful Kids

There has been a lot of discussion recently about
Tiger Moms who raise their children according to the
demanding schedules of the Chinese way. Children
raised in Shanghai score higher in academic tests
than children anywhere else in the world. But there
is another way to raise you children and this is the
purpose behind Yvonne Wolo's ebook: to "discover the
physical, emotional, mental & spiritual needs of your
child, and how to nurture these so they learn to
be caring, commpassionate, respectful, responsible,
contributing children in today's society."

You'll find this gift on page 3 of the giveaway.

[6] Wake Up to the Dream

Eva Gregory says of her 12 week ecourse "Wake Up To
The Dream" that you can join thousands of others who have
taken steps toward becoming more successful in every
aspect of their lives. If you are prepare to make a
committment to seeing your dreams become a reality
then you are already on your way to making it happen
within the next 90 days.

You'll find this gift on page 5 of the giveaway.

[7] Free Hypnosis Downloads

How would you like to be able to eliminate stress
and feel great within minutes? That's what Dantalion Jones
say you'll be able to achieve with his gift of downloadable
mp3 hypno-programming sessions. Other sessions include:
* Rapid Learning * Gaining Greater Confidence * Creating
Positive Goals * And Developing An Unstoppable Sense Of

You'll find this gift on page 7 of the giveaway.

[8] Finding Your Purpose

Bestselling author and internationally known speaker
Joe Nunziata says that we already know what our true
mission and purpose is here on earth. We do not have to
go searching for it... we just have to allow ourselves
to receive it. Joes says he will help you to "discover
the keys to uncovering your purpose and then move it

You'll find this gift on page 6 of the giveaway.

[9] The 77 Traits of Highly Successful People

No matter what your profession or circumstances, says
Mark Foo, even if you are a student, stay-at-home mom, or
you are currently unemployed - this book will show you
what it takes to achieve your dreams and goals by
revealing "The 77 Traits of Highly Successful People".

You'll find this gift on page 7 of the giveaway.

[10] Six Steps to Guilt-Free Eating

You really can eat what you love without guilt or
weight gain. But most people have no idea how to
do it. Gillian Hood-Gabrielson shows you how to put
an end to obsession and guilt for good by eliminating
the "all or nothing" diet mentality.

You'll find this gift on page 8 of the giveaway.


That's just 10 of the gifts worth checking out in this
event, and there are more than 900 others that cover just
about evey possible topic you can think of in the area
of self improvement.

If you have not already done so, I recommend you go find
a few gems for yourself before the event closes on Monday.
Here's the URL to access the event:

Access 900 gifts from Self Improvement Gifts 5



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