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THINK...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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THINK...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Good Morning,

I bought  computer a couple of months ago.

I have been through them all. Gateway, Dell, HP

You name it.
I have owned it at one time or another.
In fact, I have owned each of them at least twice.

This year I decided to make a change.
My Partner, Phil, told me to try a Lenovo.

What's a Lenovo?
I had no clue!

Phil handed me their number. "Call them," he

I called them.

I told the salesman on the other end of the phone...

We need 8 gigs and graphic cards that stand
on their head and something really fast and
lots of ram and docking stations

"I need it fully loaded," I annouced to
the salesman.

Phil gave me a list.
I read the list.

The guy at the other end of the phone just
kept saying "No problem. We can do that.
No Worries. I will put that in."

hmm... I thought- this conversation is going too
well and too fast.

Usually when I order 2 computers, one for me
and one for Phil- It takes me about 20 minutes
on the phone and the cost is always over
3500.00 each.

This conversation was about 3 minutes
The price quoted for each computer was 2020.00

hmmm... I thought- what's wrong with this picture?
Every year I shell out over 7000.00 for computers

Now I can get two of them for about 4000.00

At the end of the conversation I decided to
get brave and ask the guy this:

"I'm embarassed to say this, but I actually
never heard of Lenovo. Can you tell me something
about the company?"

The salesman just laughed. "Everyone asks me
that. No need to be embarassed. We bought
out the notebook part of IBM"

Instantly, felt relieved. IBM was a name
I knew. It was comforting and, heck, they
were under selling everyone else by 1500.00.

I made the deal.
I got more than I bargained for.

Think...Jane's Sunday Sermon

My computers rocked up to the house 10 days
after I ordered them.

Herrick, my tech guy, was all over them
setting them up- getting them ready.

He did Phil's first.
Then mine.

He turned mine on and, staring me right in
the face on the screen, were big letters
Towards the left hand side of the screen.

They read...


A wonderful red dot carefully lay over the
top of the letter i in the word THINK

"Do you want me to change your screen display
and get rid of the word Think?" Herrick asked

"Are you kidding?" I replied.

"I want to wake up every morning and go to
sleep every night with that word staring me
right smack in the face. Leave it right there",
I instructed.

I hadn't tried the computer yet but whatever
it was about to do for me, I knew that it
had already changed my preception of my world.

I knew that everyday someone (or rather something,
in this case)  was going to remind me to:


and with a little red dot over the i thrown
in for good measure.

I was thrilled.
I had save a lot of mon*ey.
The computers were working great.

And I was about to embark on a new adventure.

The THINK adventure:)

I can't tell you how many times in my life
Think was not involved.

I am sure you have probably done some non
thinking yourself.

Shot your mouth off when you should have kept it shut.

Written an email, you should never have sent.

Posted on facebook and regretted it instantly.

Maybe even bought a car that was a real lemon.

We have all been there.

But...What if you had a computer that actually
reminded you every single minute to THINK and did
it in this cheery way with a little red dot
over the i.

Now that could be a game changer, don't you think?

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Here is something to Think about.

Today I am going to try to outwit some people- at
least I think I am:)

I am doing it over at KuleSearch where matching
wits with people is a challenging thing to do
and can produce instant profits.

I am thinking about how to get great exposure
for all of my 60 websites and I know I can do
it at KuleSearch.

It's just a matter of exercising those grey
cells that sometime lay dormant.

It beats anything the Sunday Cross word
puzzle has to offer.

The action is fun, fast and furious and
the results can give you some of the best
advertising exposure available on the net
in addition to ca*sh in your pocket.

I am going over to KuleSearch. Want to match
your wits against mine? Join me here

I just bought the Keyword
Think and Grow Rich for a Song.

You can do likewise.

Join me at: http://kulesearch.com


Who knows you might find your own wonderful red
dot on top of the word Think and that can make all
the difference.







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