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A Time Of Change

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Time Of Change

         As we all watch the events taking place in Egypt most of us realize that the world as we once knew it is no more. So much change that we can not be blamed for feeling over whelmed. We can no longer think these changes so far away will have no impact here in North America. Well folks here is my opinion or two cents worth.
           First I would like to tell you about an real estate appraisal seminar I was on in New Brunswick about 2 years ago. On that seminar one of the course instructors was an expert on world demographics. He informed us that everyone in China and India wanted the same lifestyle as we have here in North America. He also said if that were to happen tomorrow it would take 5 planets to support that kind of lifestyle for everyone. You see the Internet has taken the blinders off of humanity. Dictators and religious fanatics or corrupt governments can no longer suppress the millions of people who want what we have. What is that ? Freedom,hope,opportunity,shelter and food. The word we have heard from Egypt a lot is dignity. Simple human dignity. Something we tend to take for granted.
       The rise in China and India's competitive position in the world has been dramatic. Our North American style of government is ignoring the single biggest problem we are facing. The North American worker can no longer support the taxation from inefficient and wasteful government administration and bureaucracies and compete with the workers in these other countries. As other countries strive for the lifestyle we have we are watching that lifestyle being eroded by the increased competition from these countries for jobs and the inefficient administration of our own democratic governments. As more and more of these countries break free of suppression and democratize there will be even more competition for jobs and the life style we all want. That is a reality that we have to accept. The question is how are we going to compete and maintain a standard of living with-in this new world reality ? There is only one solution. Government has to be stream lined. We have to become more productive and innovative. More efficient and make our governent more accountable. We have no choice. If we do not have the political will to accomplish this we will eventually be dealing with so much unemployment and such a lowering of our standard of living that it will be us in the streets demanding our governments step down and the history books will record the demise of the prosperity of North America. What do you think ?



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