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Learn and Then Earn

Learn and Then Earn

Are you frustrated trying to sell on line ? Are you tired of all the hype about making money but never seeing any ?

Of course you are !! How do I know that ? Because we are all the same. We all get sucked in by the promise of something for nothing. Big money with little effort. Most of us end up paying big money with little or no return.

 Where does all the money we spend go ? To the con men or women who come up with the next new scheme or dream. Do you know what the difference between a con man and a super salesperson is ? There is only one difference. One word. That word is honesty.

Did you know the term con man is short for confidence man. (I should say con person to be gender correct) A con person works to gain your trust and then takes advantage of that trust to their benefit and your detriment. A super sales person does not do that. A super sales person never sells their customer something they do not need or want. That is quite simply being honest.

Why do so many people seem to get taken in by con people. The news is full of it . Bernie Madoff being an example. He was a super con man. How do they do it ? Firstly they are charming and persuasive. They do all the little things for you most people couldn’t be bothered doing. They have magnetic personalities and you enjoy their company. They tell you what you want to hear. They gain your trust because you like them. Then they use the single greatest weapon in their arsenal against you. Our own greed. Yes folks we are all greedy. Not just to meet our own needs but the needs of the people we love.

These con people paint a picture of us taking our loved ones on exotic vacations, driving in nice cars and living in beautiful homes. Who doesn’t want that for their families and loved ones. Watched any on line MLM videos lately. Does the pitch sound familiar. The same pitch is all over the internet. I don’t know how many times I pay so much a month or get up sold spending money and never making any money in return.

Has all that money been wasted. No sometimes I learn a little here. Sometimes I learn a little there. It has taken me over ten years of trial and error to become effective in my chosen niche.

One of my websites gets over 4,000,000 hits every year selling millions of dollars worth of product. It sells big ticket items where I make big commissions. My largest sale being $1,400,000 with me making $54,000.

I have a couple of other niches I market one being a service where I make about $300 for each assignment for 2 hours of my time. I just completed an assignment that took 2 days where I made $4,000.

Another is financial products where I have made as much as $14,000 with one sale. These are not simple niches as I have spent most of my life learning the skills and obtaining the qualifications to fill these niches.

 I have learned all the knowledge and ability in the world is no good without marketing.

 Building the better mouse trap will not bring the world to your door. Only marketing will.

To be successful at on line marketing you have to take the time to learn on line marketing. That is where most people fail. They do not take the time to learn.

Then you have to find a niche and apply what you learn to marketing products in that niche. You have to know your niche. There are many niches and many products readily available to market. The are many affiliate marketers making a good living just marketing click bank and commission junction products.

My advice. Accept the fact you have to learn more. Stop buying the dream. Learn, learn and learn. Then focus on a niche. Find a need and fill it. Then market, market, market and market. Here is a membership site where you can learn at your own pace. You can try it for a month for free. No scam or con. Just a chance to learn. Learn and then earn. http://marketingquickiesguru.com/

Happy Learning and Earning

Larry staff@easthants.com


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