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Myth #87: The Money is in the List

Wow, this is an oldie but goodie, but...
how many times have you been suckered into
list-building programs without making a dime?

CrazyListMailer is here.....

How about an INSTANT List that PAYS you
$250... $500... $2500 over and over again with
a ONE-TIME membership fee of only $60 for a
LIFE-TIME of advertising and earning?

Better yet... unlike many programs with the large
payouts... you don't have to wait until you cycle
to start earning. CLM has FAST START BONUSES of
$20 for EVERY personal referral you bring in!

=> Refer 3 - Membership is F.REE! <=

Whoa.. even that isn't good enough for CLM, you
get paid an ADDITIONAL $1000 Matching Bonus every
time one of your referrals cycle the $2500 IG.

Quick Recap:
- One time purchase price of $60
- Life-Time Membership
- MASSIVE advertising
- Mail to thousands of RANDOM members
- Three 2x3 Fast-moving Follow-me Income Grids (IG's)
- Cycle up through the levels
- plus... Cycle all 3 Income Grids at once!
- $20 FAST START Bonus for every personal referral
- $1000 Matching bonus EVERY time your personals
cycle the 3rd IG.

So wait, I guess with the RIGHT list, the money
really IS there. Find the money in our INSTANT
list with CLM - Join Free and take the tour:


Nina Spelman

Sokule Founder



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