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Setting up a FILTER in Gmail
Setting up a FILTER in Gmail

(Please bear in mind that details can be affected by your personal account settings, however, the process outlined below should not be too different and will serve to get you underway to get control of your inbox)

1-Open an email from the address you wish to filter and click on SHOW DETAILS
(at the top of the email)

2-COPY the information in the 'FROM' field. It will look some thing like this - someoneUknow <bounce@someoneUknow.com>

3-Now click CREATE A FILTER (next to the search buttons at the top of the page) and PASTE into the FROM field now displayed in a coloured box

4-Then click NEXT to advance to the next screen

5-Check APPLY LABEL and make a selection from the drop down menu available. If you have no filters you will only have the option to CREATE NEW FILTER. However, as you populate your Gmail account with filters they will be available as options here

6-Select any other options as you require and Click CREATE FILTER

7-Congratulations! You will now have taken a HUGE step in controlling your online marketing - As you develop your filtering you will find that the steady stream of emails you will receive are no longer overwhelming. This simple step enabled me to get control of my inbox, I feel certain it will work for you also :)

Filters are essential to gain control of your inbox.

When your filters are established you are able to easily see when expected emails arrive and time sensitive announcements are less likely to be missed as you can see the tally increment in the filters for your important sites & you can easily reduce volume by simply selecting a filter and deleting all within

Please contact me if you require further details or assistance :)

surgreen aka Peter Watson

Peter Watson aka surgreen
New Zealand

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