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Egypt's Marketing Manager- Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Egypt's Marketing Manager-  Jane's Sunday Sermon

Like the rest of the world, I watched events
unfold in Egypt this week with awe and
amazement- with respect and with a great
deal of humility.

The Calm, determined, unbending protesters
reminded me of a time in my own country,
when men and women chose the road of non
violence and triumphed over those who would
jail or lynch or burn lands in order
to maintain the status quo and their power.

That process, however, started in the 1940's
and did not officially end until the 1960's
and the struggle continues even today.

18 days ago, Egypt began its own Struggle.
and is on a path to who knows where.

The road will be a long, hard slog.

Creating a democracy is a messy business
especially where a military is in control

A military is always loathed to give up
it's power and the perks that go with it
no matter how benign their words appear
at the moment.

In Turkey, it took 20 years for the military
to loosen its grip on the country.

Perhaps facebook and twitter will intervene
to shorten the time frame in Egypt and make
the road to freedom move faster and with more
ease. Only time will tell.

For today, we can savor the moment which
gives hope to the global yearnings of people
everywhere longing to unshackle their chains.

Egypt’s Marketing Manager...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Like any movement that gains popularity
there are lessons that can be taken
from the recent events in Egypt.

Businesses often follow a line that can
trace their rise and fall not unlike

Those that are authoritarian and inflexible
can wield great power- for a time

Those that take a path with a less iron
hand may be in a better position to roll
with the times and survive its uncertainties

For example:

It is well known that almost everyone wants
to work at Google not just because it is on
the cutting edge of innovation ( although that is
certainly part of it) but because it provides
it's employees with amenities that almost
no other company can match.

Google created an environment of rooms to
rest in- Decompression chambers, health
facilities and games to play. White boards
dot the work place so those with ideas
can write them down no matter where they are.

Google understands that the welfare of their
employees contributes to the growth of their
fortunes and continued success and to the
very innovations that they thrive on.

And then take companies like Motorola and
Nokia- on the downslide. Politics and an iron
fisted ruling hand, are the hallmarks that
leave their employees with one eye on the
computer and one eye on the help wanted ads.
That is a recipe for failure.

Only an open mind and the ability to see things
in a new way can provide a roadmap to success
whether we are talking countries or companies.

"The Times they are a changing" Bob Dylan wrote
in the sixties

But the times are always changing and those
that fail to see the changes coming will be
overwhelmed by them.

Bottom line:

Celebrate change, embrace it when you it
opens up new pathways and stomp on it when
the change is small minded, inflexible,
routine and backward looking.

People who are afraid, look to the past
Have you ever noticed who uses the words:

"The Good Old Days"?

Generally, they are old men- hair greying- with
suits a bit rumpled and perhaps a hair piece
that tries to hide the balding spots.

You won’t find most women anywhere in the world
longing for the good old days:)

So, today we raise our glasses to Egypt, and
to the mostly young people who took to the
streets and would not be swayed.

We celebrate the 30 year old Google Marketing
manager, Wael Ghonim, who spent 12 days in
jail and is ready to die for his country.

And we hope that when he dons a suit and puts
on ten years, that the spirit in which he
began the revolution does not go the way
of many revolutions that start with hope
and end with repression.

I could not help but notice that Mr. Ghonim's
job title was marketing manager for Google:)

Well Done Wael Ghonim!

The stakes were high.
The risks enormous.

The marketing superb.

Have a great Sunday.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.








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