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Artist and Author Philip Bracco Adds a New Gallery to his Art Site Titled "Country"
Bracco adds a new gallery to his site

Author and Artist Philip Bracco has added some outstanding additions to his site which can be viewed by clicking on the gallery "Country".  This is one of the most active sites on the Fine Art America site.  Find out why.

The 1940's! Life was simple in those days as sisters sit and talk about the days work as they warm themselves with a handmade quilt.

Other Illustrations tells what it was like to live in the country in the Great State of Alabama in the 1940's. Life was hard but family ties were strong as everyone was concerned about each other.

Aunt Nellie was Robbie's oldest aunt and her cousin Don Ray Higginbotham once told us that even though he travelled the world as an engineer that there was no place in the world he would rather be than here in "Sweet Home Alabama". He said he could still see in his memories, Aunt Nellie pouring the dishwater out from the back porch of a house built by Robbie's Grandfather before the turn of the Century!

Family members have moved to many corners of the United States but the original house and land are still in the family and it gives me great pleasure to go there and pick apples from the same trees I picked from as a child says Robbie. The old Barn still stands as testament to the work that was carried on in support of a large family.

Why is it that the old school house is one of the most remembered buildings of our youth. Robbie says it is because most social life took place there. Dances, Cake walks and many other gatherings were common place, cementing those memories forever for those who lived them. The old school house is gone now but not the fond memories. Sweet Home Alabama!

Grandmas house held so many memories - the churn sitting in the kitchen to keep warm and clabber the milk to make butter and buttermilk - the quilt rack always hanging in one bedroom as the women were always quilting to provide warmth during the winter months. Memories of Grandma laid out in the living room before taking her final rest where she joined the ghosts of other family members.

Grandma was content to grow old in this familiar scene where everything she needed could be found here on the farm. Great memories lingered and helped her accept the warm comfortable last years of her life as she was surrounded by those she loved and cherished.

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Or visit our City site about growing up in Red Hook Bklyn in the 1940's and compare the life of a city boy and a country girl.


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Phil and Robbie Bracco



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