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The Prime Ribs Are Good and Very Rare and so is This...
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The Prime Ribs Are Good and Very Rare and so is This...

I'm in a Villa.

No, I am not in the South of France or
off in some exoctic place.

I am in Orlando Florida at the JV Alert
Conference with some of the most amazing
people you could ever hope to meet. I will
tell you more about that on Sunday.

At any rate. In my villa I have a fully
stocked kitchen, and 2 bed rooms
and a balcony that over looks a lake and the
biggest hot tub I have ever seen. Closets are
all over the place. There are so many even
I can't fill them:)

I am gobsmacked.

And here's the kicker. I was in the casual
dining room last night. Prime Ribs were on
the menu. I ordered them very rare and sure
enough they arrived that way. That does not
happen often as most places tend to kill
prime ribs by over cooking them.

And speaking of rare.

We are holding a contest over at our new
site KuleSearch.


It starts today

You can enter it no matter where on earth you are.

You don't need a villa
You don't need to like rare roast beef

You just need to like great advertising
and ea*rning big bucks.

You just need to sign up here

Fund your account with as little as 10 bucks

Start buying keywords.
They start at .20 cents

Start ea*rning instant ca*sh

And who knows you may be the winner when
we announce it on Sunday noon

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS The rules for entering this weekends contest
are in the news area of KuleSearch. The winner
will get a ca*sh prize of 100.00 bucks so
get in the game. Even if you don't want to
enter the contest, you can ea*rn instant cas*h
at KuleSearch





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