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10 Reasons Why You Will Want To Join DealConnex
Have you heard about the DealConnex launch?

Well, have you heard of Groupon? You know the
company Google tried to buy for 6 Billion dollars
a few months back.

Well Deal Connex is similar but with a unique
revenue sharing program that pays out over 50% of
the revenue to affiliates.

10 Reasons Why YOU Need To Join Deal Connex For
FREE Today (Over 11,000 people have joined already)...

Create your FREE account here http://zibzoomdeal.com

1) Just launched February 14th, 2011 - First Market Advantage!

2) You can save 50% to 90% on deals in YOUR local market -
Saves YOU Money That You Already Spend!

3) You get paid when people save 50% to 90% on local deals -
No Personal Selling Required!

4) Makes for the perfect fundraiser for non-profit organizations -
Help Yourself While You Help Others!

5) Daily deals are live right now in over 300 cities worldwide
and expanding weekly - You Can Start Earning Immediately!

6) 10 Day Online Success Guide - Shows You Fast & Free Ways To
Get Customers Starting Today!

7) National Advertising Co-op - Generate 100's of Customers With
Our Radio, TV, & Newsprint Ads With A Push Of A Button!

8) Global opportunity to earn money now!

9) Multi-TRILLION dollar Industry - Mass Market Offers Unlimited

10) ZERO Industry Competition - 'BUZZ' Factor!

BONUS Reason: No financial invest is required on
your part in order to get paid or make money with
Deal Connex guaranteed!

What are you waiting for?

Create your FREE account here 


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