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Would YOU pay $5,300 for a used tissue?
Would YOU pay $5,300 for a used tissue?

That's probably a big NO!!, right? But somebody did!

Seriously... some guy recently bid over five thousands dollars
on eBay for a tissue that a famous Hollywood actress blew her
nose into while being interviewed on Jay Leno's talk show.

Okay, so you're probably thinking: "What. The. HECK??"

But honestly, Brian, that's just another
typical day on eBay.

And that's exactly what we LOVE about the world's largest online
auction place: you can sell just about ANYTHING to ANYONE.

And that makes it the BEST way for an absolute beginner to start
making money online... even before you have a website!

You don't need to go hunting for traffic...

You don't need to worry about setting up a payment system...

You don't need to design or build a website...

And you've got a built-in market of over 80 MILLION monthly
shoppers who spend $4 BILLION a MONTH!

And no, you do NOT need to sell used tissues, potato chips that
look like former presidents, or the personal possessions of dead
rock stars to be successful, either.

You can sell practically anything on eBay, just as long as you
can figure out what people are already looking for, and can
source unlimited supplies of those products for the cheapest
prices possible.


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