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Sokule Announces Brand New Service: The Sokule Submit Wizard
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Sokule  Announces a Brand New Service: The Sokule Submit Wizard

Sokule, The Social Media site that posts to 85 sites simultaneously, just added a brand new service to their website called the Sokule Submit Wizard. The 'S' Wizard is a brand new piece of software that provides website owners and business all over the net with a way to use Sokule's unique post message service without leaving their own website.

New York, NY

Over the past year Sokule (pronounced So Cool) has set up 79 Social Media sites and targeted blogs at their own site where businesses can advertise to sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and 75 other well known sites just by making one post at Sokule. Now Sokule has carried this universal posting One step further.

Website owners can now take a simple piece of code that Sokule provides and put it on a page at their website so that their members or subscribers can take advantage of the advertising reach that Sokule provides to businesses online.

"Sokule provides businesses with a way to get their message out to the entire social media world quickly and easily. It's the easy way to brand your business at all of the major Social Media sites online all from one convenient place.

For a year now people have been asking us if they could do the same thing from their own sites without having to leave that site. The Answer, now, is Yes they can," said Ms Mark.

Sokule has created The Sokule Submit Wizard which is the brain child of Phil Basten, the developer of Sokule. Mr. Basten described the new Sokule Submit Wizard like this:

"We gave businesses what they asked for. A simple piece of code
that they can easily put on a page at their own Website. The code lets members of any site post to all of Sokule's 79 posting sites  from the site they are on without ever leaving that site. This is an enormous benefit to website owners who need to provide advertising services for their members or simply want to brand their product to a vast online audience. Until today they could only do that by logging into Sokule itself. Now they can do it right from their own site" Mr. Basten concluded.

The Sokule Submit Wizard provides unique advantages to users. They can post messages up to 500 characters long and the Wizard will take their message and ping the weblogs for them which helps the search engines find their message rapidly.

There are some restrictions on who can obtain the Sokule code. Websites must have a minimum of 5000 subscribers in order to be eligible to carry the  Sokule Submit Wizard Code.

There is no cost to the website owner to use the code on their website but members will pay $29.95 per month to access the Sokule Submit service. Websites owners will earn 40% of that monthly fee.

Ms Mark said: "The Sokule Submit Wizard, or 'S' Wizard, is a very inexpensive solution to businesses that need advertising and branding on the net. There is no need now for people, at any website, to put up various Social Media sites for their members to access. Now they can provide access to all the important Social Media sites from just one place using The 'S' Wizard. Their members or subscribers can advertise with just 1 post and 1 click and it is so easy to put and use. It requires no technical skill to use the 'S' Wizard. "Ms Mark added.

Get more details at http://www.SOKULE.com
Contact: Jane Mark -
Tel: 212-475-6001
Fax 212-228-3819


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