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Okay So Now Let Me Tell You What This Is About
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Okay So Now Let Me Tell You What This Is About

Hi [fname]

This morning I had to run and I had
1 foot out the door when I told you
about a site that just launched but
now I have some time to tell you ,
in more, detail what this site is about.

Kevin and Scott just launched a new
advertising site and you know that
intriques me.

Over the years I have made several hundred
thousands of dollars from their sites
and you can do that too with this new site.

It's called Staged

Timing is important so join this
right now and then come back and
read my email.

The site is designed to get you viral
advertising in a big way.

For example: I took one of the video
links I have on Youtube that I have
for Sokule and popped in the stage
back office.

Simple as that. I now have a video
on Sokule that I can post anywhere
and at the bottom it has my staged

Take a look
This is viral advertising number 1


But it gets better.

I am a paid member of this site which
means I ea*rn from everything that goes
on there.

And the free members carry my banners
and my ads on their sites because they
are free.

Not smart to remain free:)
You are advertising for me instead
of the other way around:)

For 24.95 per month you are going to
get viral video ads, viral banner ads,
viral text ads and viral google ads.

This is really unique advertising

And if you can't recruit worth a darn,
you can buy leads for the site. I did
even tho I can recruit, I'd rather let
staged do it for me. They contact
my leads for 60 days. Very Nice!

And I get to keep the leads and use
them myself.

This is a powerhouse site, designed
by two of the best in the business.

Join it fr*ee if you like but then
you are advertising for me:)

Join it paid, you will ea*rn this
small investment back in a heartbeat
plus get some really unique advertising

You can bet I am going right over to
Sokule and getting this out to all
the Social Media sites right now.

Go and do likewise.
Join here


Take two mintues to set up your ads

Send your affiliate link out
or buy leads if you want to.

Either way, you can't go wrong with this one.

And it comes with 1 million sokens at
Sokule when you upgrade under my link


This is a perfect vehicle on which to
advertise your own Sokule site.

See below to collect your 1 million

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

Anyone joining today under my link
will get 1 million sokens at Sokule
value 1270.00

Here is how you collect

Send me your full name, your payment receipt
to staged, your sokule username to


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your
sokens to be added to your account

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