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Paul and Troy Release The First Ever - Direct Feedback Mailer... We Always Love An Original!

Hey Fellow Marketer,

In March of 2010, we launched State-Of-The-Art-Mailer
which included the never before seen Button Escalation
system. It was a huge success and a year later it is
still gaining momentum with over 13,000 members.

Throughout 2010, you continued to see evolved emailers
with original and unique designs that outperformed the
traditional Safelist programs.

NOW, in 2011....

You are about to see another hit the market from 2 of
the most respected admins online....

Paul Kinder and Troy Wray presents...

The World’s first-ever Direct Feedback Mailer!

Here's how it works:

Basically, you get to survey members when they click
through on your emails. It’s all designed to be super fast
and real easy so earning your credits is still easy

Because members are answering questions about your
ads your response rates are almost guaranteed to be
higher than your average mailer!

And with Paul at the helm you know there will be heaps
of fresh propects viewing your ads because this mailer
is going to grow fast – real fast!

There is a time and place to hesitate and check things
out before jumping in.

However, when you have the reputation of a respected
admin with a proven background launch an original design
like this one, this would not be that time

Jump into this one head first and upgrade to the highest

SOTAM has proven what an original design can do in the
marketplace. We are confident this new system will do
the same thing!

Join Now!



Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

P.S. we didn’t mention…

You can save over 86% on your upgrade and
potentially build a list of thousands before the
price goes up dramatically NEXT WEEK!

Check out the special offer you’ll see the
first time you login.

Nobody else will ever be able to grab a Gold
upgrade at 86% discount with the bumper
box of bonuses after this week. EVER!

This is a truly great groundfloor opportunity
and an absolutely stunning deal!


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