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New Giveaway Goes Live Today!

Actually, I think it already went live, because I already sent a dozen new people. So if you want to grab some great new business tools, this is the place to do it.

 I am working an offline project, where I am helping business owners get themselves online for less than most places charge for edits on a website. In doing this, I am helping the economy by building up the roots that make this economy strong, the small business. Many jobs come from the small businesses out there, and if too many people take advantage of them with $2000 websites and $500 a month autoresponders, we are only weakening the economy.

If you would like to be part of this revolution, where we help the small business as we make a smaller profit, but ensure that our clients stay in business longer than two months, then I would like to have you join us.

I have a team of marketers that I am training to offer services for $44.95 a month like Web Hosting, Autoresponder, Video Production and Storage Suites, Lead collection tools, Online Conferencing, Website Monitoring and much more for that low monthly price. 


If you want in, just let me know:




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