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Sometimes a Little Humor Can Sell an Idea - No Hard Sell Here - Wish I could Rap Like Eminem

Whether you are young or you're as old as dirt

You gotta stay on top, you gotta stay alert

So listen up folks this is not complex

Get your ZibZoomDeal with DealConnex.


Just  go to your computer and sign up today

You'll get fantastic savings on the Deal of the Day

So tell all your friends and any other prospects

To get their ZibZoomDeal with DealConnex.


It is free for everybody you can make some dough

So get movin and get crackin just you go go go

Shout to Peter shout to Paul shout to Jane and Rex

To get their ZibZoomDeal with DealConnex


Now I'll say it once and I'll say it twice

Our ZibZoomdeals are really nice

They are not a spell, they are not a hex

Just a ZibzoomDeal with DealConnex.


If you're living in a condo at the top of a hill

And you're married to Belinda or a guy called Bill

And you want to make money but it's too complex

Go to ZibZoomDeal at DealConnex


With your ZibzoomDeal in DealConnex

You can share it with your barber you can share it with your ex

You can give it to a warden or a guy called Tex

So the world will know about DealConnex


I wrote this  poem and posted a video on YouTube to show you that selling an idea can be humorous and fun.  I'd like to see 10,000 people or more go to my website and sign up. http://www.zibzoomdeal.com







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