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Bragging Rights Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Bragging Rights Jane's Sunday Sermon

True Story...

When I received my first payment on the
net over 11 years ago, it was 47.00 bucks.

It came after weeks and weeks of trying
to figure out how this internet thing worked.

We have all been there.
Am I right?

My first 47.00 might as well have been a million.
I was thrilled.

I whooped and hollered all over my loft
You would have thought I had just won
the lottery and that is exactly what it
felt like.

That feeling of discovering just how things
worked has never left me.

Every day, on the net, I discover things I
did not know and should be using in my
own business to move it forward.

When I find them, I pass them onto you
usually with the enthusiasm of a kid in
a candy store.

Bragging Rights. Jane's Sunday Sermon

I Love Being on Stage:)

Last week I found a gem of a product that
let me create a page like this


I did it without Phil's help which is
an accomplishment all in itself and it
now has 736 hits to that site plus
537.50 into my bank account.

That gives me bragging rights:)

This is viral marketing at its best.
Your own sites gets seen and gets sign ups
plus you get paid to promote it.

It's called Staged

Mike G and I are right at the top of this
and we are going to put people under you
as we promote it so you definitely want to
get in here and get your own site set up.

It is dead easy to do. You just pop urls
in at the prompts. Anyone can do it.

When you do, all the free members advertise
your site for you so... you really do not
want to remain free.

Anytime I can get other people advertising
for me, I jump.

You can do this too.
Sign up here


You will have Mike and me advertising for
you and putting people in your binary
pay line and you will have the whole fr-ee
membership base of the site showing your
ads for fr*ee.

It doesn't get much better than that.

This was a week filled with bragging rights

I found a site.

10 Just For Signing up. Very Nice.

The product is a simple download that teaches
you how to create Facebook fanpages and how
to sell products from them and make mon*ey
from facebook.

The pay plan is very generous 20.00 per sign
up and it is residual.

And they even give you 10.00 just for
signing up.

All of that is great in itself but not
the bottom line at all.

There is a link in this product that got
me the following in less than 24 hours

70 Backlinks to Sokule PR 6 to 8 which
means they are really good backlinks

70 Backlinks to KuleSearch PR 6 to 8 and above.

250 fans to my facebook fan page
7500 channel views to my YouTube channel

And over 900 new Twitter followers.

You never know what you will find when
you look in the right place.

This site is worth its weight in gold

And when you upgrade, you will find the Gold.

10 Billion Milestone...

Finally my week ended with the biggest
bragging rights of all that made me humble.

Actually, they are not my bragging rights
at all. They belong to my partner, Phil,
who developed one of the most powerful
advertising sites on the net.

This week at Sokule, we passed a milestone.

We gave away our 10th billion, yes billion
with a B soken at Sokule.

10,028,468,982 Sokens to be exact but
then who's counting:)

These sokens have built lists for our members
on auto pilot and they can mail to these
lists every 3 days.

People who have never been able to build
a list of even 10 people, now have lists in
the thousands and you can bet Phil and me
are over the moon about that.

If you are not a member of Sokule, join us
right here


We will start to build your list for you
on auto pilot before the ink is dry on
your sign up. You don't do anything at
all. We Do it for you.

But don't miss the one time offer for
our silver membership when you sign up.

It will give you an automatic 2,125.000
sokens to start your own list with and
until tonight at midnight we are going
to add 5 million more sokens when you
upgrade to silver. That’s a total of
7,125,000 sokens just for going Silver
which is very affordable annual membership.

So this week alone I got 3 things to brag about.

A viral marketing site where someone else
does the advertising work for me. Very Nice!

A simple 30 page download that taught me
more in those 30 pages than I have learned
in the last year and has a pay plan to
beat the band.

490.00 popped into my account in less
than 2 days.

And the biggest bragging rights of all
came right here...

At my own site that started as a gleam
in Phil's eye crossed a milestone that
makes me feel like I am chasing McDonalds:)

10 Billion at Sokule

But Bragging rights do not come fr*ee

The first lesson I learned on the net was
the lesson I guess sooner or later we
all learn in life.

You get what you pay for.

I don't join programs fr*ee anymore.

I learned, in my first year on the net,
that that was simply a waste of my time
and my energy and that I was wheel spinning
every time I did join something fr*ee.

Now when I see a site that seems to have
some real merit. I buy the product and
test it.

Sometimes I am disappointed, but not often.

Most people on the net offer a good
product. Sometimes it is over my head
and I can't use it, but most times, whatever
it is, I can use parts of it and gain
something that moves my own business forward.

This Sunday what I hope for you, is that
you find your own bragging rights.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.






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