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ART in Smart- Jane's Sunday Sermon
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ART in Smart- Jane's Sunday Sermon

Good Morning Sokulers

This morning I am going to take you
on a magic walking tour.

We are not going by air or sea or land
This is a special way to travel.

We are walking into the world of music
where change has often resided and flourished.

Why are we Venturing into the world of music?

Because Words by themselves can often dumb
us down. Set to music, they can lift us up
and sometimes even change the course of

Sunday is a time, I walk into the world of music.

I used to do it by putting on a record
and finding all of my favorite melodies

Now I do it with YouTube.

The times they are changing.

Art In Smart. Jane’s Sunday Sermon

I was lucky when I grew up.

My school walls were filled with the art of Children.

My School even held art auctions in the
lobby to raise money for this or for
that and there were many days when I
walked into school with easels holding
works of some very well-known painters.

At 11.00 am on Fridays, you could hear
the band practicing music just down the
hall from my science class.

As my favorite teacher, Stanley Bosworth,
taught French, The drama department was
rehearsing Tartuffe, a French Comedy by
Molière in which I had the starring role.

That kind of an education, can fill
you with dreams, make your life full
and help you remember what is really

Change is often led by artists, musicians
and actors who can have an enormous impact
on the issues of their day.

I woke up this morning to a Video circulating
in New York State and wanted to share it
with you.

One of my favorite singers appeared in
Albany, NY and testified, via song, about one
of the most important issues of the day
rocking the schools all throughout my state.

It is probably happening in your state too.

Listen to it.
I Promise you-you have never seen anything quite like this.

It is a first:)

Art in Smart

It is not the first time that Tom Chapin
has said it in song.

He wrote this one after the 2008
election. It's funny and poignant
and two year later, still relevant.

Go Away Sarah Palin

Tom Chapin is known for ending his
concerts with one of my favorite song
All My Life's a Circle.

Who's singing with him?

One of my other favorite people in the world,
my cousin, Mike Mark, who makes his living
singing and writing songs.

If I were starting over, that is exactly
how I would make mine.

If Only and Circle

In the 60's, when I grew up, Peter, Paul
and Mary were the musical agents of change.

Appearing at Marches with Dr. King, they
along with others like Bob Dylan and Joan
Baez, helped turned the tide of history
through their memorable words set to music.

The times they are changing

Blowing in the wind

And of course, when I wanted music to fill
my life, I carried it right into my
business by hiring Mike Mark to create
The Sokule Theme Song.

Sokule theme Song

So bottom line...

When you cannot say it in words, say it
in music or in art or drama and above all...

Listen to the music in your own life.
It will never let you down.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

PS: Some Say Love/The Rose


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