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In network marketing, people always talk about leverage. But what do we leverage on? People. Since the industrial revolution, people would leverage their efforts on other people. People from the past until now: slaves, serfs, laborers, employees, referrals, affiliates or downline. Everyone has only 24 hours and they use other people’s time in exchange for something else.
Did you know that now you can take this leveraging factor one step further using the Internet?
All because of the simple e-mail.
Notice how a simple e-mail can produce a sale for you without making a phone call, looking for your friends, or driving all the way to Starbucks to buying your prospect a drink.

For more info: http://www.thegetsales.com
An AUTORESPONDER is a tool that sends a pre-written e-mail or script, tailored towards the prospect’s details (Name, content, address and message) for him to be pitched about your product or your opportunity. Without getting out of your chair, you can set up a web page and anyone who requires more information can enter his name, email address and phone number.
You can get these leads by setting up a LEAD CAPTURE PAGE. These pages can be written in the form of a sales letter. They will do the selling for you 24-7 even while you are sleeping.
People who purchase your business or product online will be able to use the product IMMEDIATELY if it is a digital product. If it is a physical product, the network marketing company usually arranges shipping or delivery.
If they prospect doesn’t purchase the product but instead enters his details in the webpage, the SEQUESTIAL AUTORESPONDER will send a series of e-mails to the prospect for two purposes: providing additional information and follow up. They will keep receiving these emails until they either BUY something from you or request the system to remove them off their mailing list.
Do you realize how POWERFUL using the INTERNET will help your network marketing business grow LEAPS AND BOUNDS?

FOR MORE INFO - http://www.thegetsales.com


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