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You're Already Qualified To Consult With Offline Businesses
If you've been looking for a high profit service to offer,
I've got just the thing for you today.

Most Internet marketers are accustomed to competing based on
price rather than on service, but that's not necessary when
you enter the well-paid world of offline marketing.

What offline marketing really is, is offering the benefit of
your online experience to local businesses in your area that
don't have that experience.

Really, think about it, what business doesn't want more
customers?  You do, I do, and so do people in your area. Face
it, it's a tough economy, and these people would love to have
you help them.

What can you do? Easy. You can set up email capture forms so
that they can do follow up marketing to their existing
customers. You can do SEO services to improve their current
sites rankings, or set up a new site for them if they don't
have one already.

You can do even do article marketing to get more traffic to
their  sites, more content on their pages, establish them as
an authority on the subject locally. Instead of getting paid
$5 to write an article for an online client, it's not unheard
of to get paid $40 or more for an offline client.

You can set up accounts for them on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
And the list goes on, use your imagination.

In other words, the same things you do already for yourself,
except you can charge for your services. Believe me, you can
get big money for your expertise.

Don't know all those things? Then either specialize in
something you do know, or use outsourcers to do the work,
while you pocket the profits.

The trick is finding the businesses that you can help. I used
to think I would have to make phone calls or go door to door.
Not true, because ...

Tim Castleman and Dennis Becker have released a new product
that shows you 2 different and powerful techniques to find
customers, and get them to call you. It's called the "Easy
Offline Marketing System", and you can find out more here:

There's 5 hours of video, as well as audio and transcripts,
that show you exactly what you need to do, as well as
assurance that charging $295 for a simple email capture form,
to $1795 for a simple web site setup, plus ongoing monthly
maintenance, is not only possible, it's being done every day
in local towns like yours.

You can be the "web guy" or "web girl" in your town, and be
doing these people a big favor by bringing them in new
customers, or helping them get their old customers through
the door more frequently.

Seriously, check it out:



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