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Hydrogen gas cells,save fuel with water diesel,gasoline,petrol.

Save fuel with hydrogen gas on demand 
Safe as it is only extracted from water as
Hydro cells  are not as expensive as you
might think!!

Run your Car,Truck,Bus,Boat,Lorry,Tractor,
as a Water Hybrid.
Save 15% up to 50% on your fuel costs.
Less pollution by 15%  to 30% or more.
Taxi gets 100 to 150 extra miles a tank,with
240,000 plus miles on the speedometer.

Water fuel technology has been around for over 100 years.
The first internal combustion engines ran on Hydrogen gas
(made from water) for the first 8 years until they "invented"
gasoline or petrol.  Go now to save on your fuel costs.



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