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Real 4 Figure DAYS: 6 Figures in 6-12 Months!

My high days:
October 12th: $3,770
February 9th: $3,370
February 26th: $2,885
March 14th: $2,482

Plus lots of "smaller" days since I joined last summer!

One of my resellers just brought in a Level 5 signup on Wednesday, and that was her FIRST signup.
I get $1,838 from the new member, plus $47 from my reseller as the pay plan states everyone has to pay in their first signup. Then I raked in a passive $997 last night. WOW! $2,882 all within 2 days, pouring into my Alertpay and Paypal!

I raked in over $4,600 within 1 week, a couple weeks ago, and $3,370 of that was all on 1 day!

People join this every day, it's a non-stop gush of daily income directly to your favorite payment processor, into the $100's to $1,000's per day, you can get paid several times daily...all you need to do is join and promote your link!

Join up to Level 3 or higher & I'll help you advertise until you qualify to earn on the levels you joined!

This business pays daily 100% commissions, up to $1,838 per signup, and many members are earning over $1,000 per day, including me...just from posting ads online!

I joined up to Level 3 at the end of June and was qualified up to Level 2 within a couple weeks, and then Level 3 about a couple weeks later, so I was earning lots of $97's and $47's all thru July that added up to $2,600 so a lot of money came in before I qualified on Level 3.  I upgraded to 4 & 5 as soon as I got qualified on Level 2 during the beginning of July, before I got any signups for Level 3.  Then it took me about another month to qualify on 4 & 5 and I also earned around $5,000 in August just from 1, 2 & 3 income.
I earned about $8,500 in September, and over $15,000 in October, and several thousands more in November, December, January...

...and I just earned $3,370 on February 9th from a few new signups, this is not a matrix, you don't need thousands of people!

I'm around $50,000 in just about 7 months since I got my first payment on July 7th. That can put my income near or at $100,000 by the end of my first 12 months this upcoming summer 2011!

I had days in August over $750 and days in September over $1,000 and many days since October between $2,000 to nearly $4,000.  Not every day, but many days.
It's recommended to start with 2 & 3, because you won't earn much from just being in Level 1.
For your $10 monthly you get 3 sites and you can also use the EZ Wealth Mailer to contact all your tour-takers and resellers, that's a great deal because later you'll have a lot of people, I have over 150 payliners earning lots of money for me and for themselves.  My sponsor has been in for 2 years and has thousands of tour-takers and hundreds of resellers.
We also contact tour-takers by personal email the same day they take the tour.
Here's what the 3 sites look like, they will have YOUR ID on the end when you join:

===>>> The real-time payout was around $1,320,000 when I joined a few months ago, now it's around $1,620,000.  I earned over $55,000 of that since I joined last summer, just by posting ads online like this! 

*** Guess what? Only a few motivated people are earning all that money, just from posting ads online, if you're not, then you're missing a ton of daily cash pouring in by the $1,000's:


Thanks if you sign up, this is the biggest easiest money I've ever earned, I'll send you a list of ad sources, and I also get lots of signups from Facebook.
We're in the largest and highest earning team, my sponsor earned $102,000 in his first 7 months, and one of his other members earned $90,000 in her first year, so this is a realistic way to a 6-figure income within 6 to 12 months, just from advertising.

*** KATHLEEN (ME!) earned $30,000 in my first 3 months,
my best day being $3,770. Most of that in PASSIVE
INCOME from just a few new members, this is not a
matrix of thousands of people. It's NOT MLM!


Just take the tour and watch our 10-Minute "HOW IT
WORKS" Movie!
Join up to Level 3 or higher & I'll help you advertise until you qualify to earn on the levels you joined!

Earning $2,740 per day adds up to $1,000,000 in a year...
Join me in the REALISTIC MILLIONAIRE-MAKER...EZ Wealth Solution!

Sincerely, Kathleen VanBeekom


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