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Lightspeed Writing: 3 Tips For Quick Articles

Writing articles is truly a task for a webmaster with higher thinking on the mind. It's a problem that seems to affect every web marketer and entrepreneur out there; while you're busy thinking about the big picture, the amount of micro-content that needs to be created builds up and up, forcing you to invest time in something that you don't particularly enjoy. While writing can be taxing, both mentally and creatively, it doesn't need to be something that you force yourself to invest a lot of time in. By applying some basic strategies, tips and tricks, you can transform your writing from something that sucks up your time into a quick task that leaves you with time to focus on the big picture. These three tips will super-speed your writing abilities, and leave you creating top quality content in no time at all:

1. Pre-research, and let the information sit.
A lot of writing seems to come naturally at certain points during the day. Whether you're a night writer or an early morning writer, mixing up your writing times can often increase your output. For example, you might find that you get an incredible creativity and productivity wave during the middle of the night. While this isn't the ideal time to work, you can use it to your advantage. Jot down your ideas when they pop into your head, and take notice of them when you're writing out your articles. This can save time trying to get into a 'creative zone' and leave you with just the simple tasks sitting ahead of you.

2. Find your circadian rhythm and stick to it.
This tip works in tandem with the previous one. Creativity isn't just limited to places, it's often most abundant during certain time periods. If you're having trouble writing during the day, consider writing at night. A lot of writers find that they can concentrate on their writing most effectively during the evenings, and have trouble getting the same level of fluency and speed during the day. It's wise to experiment with different times for quality and speed, as the two variables are often exclusive. Find a time where you get the right balance of optimum quality and quick speed, and work it into your writing schedule.

3. Use quick tools and Google searches to brush up your research.
Writing on a topic that you understand but haven't mastered? If you need to check up the details, it's very easy to end up distracted. Instead of sitting with ten tabs open in your browser, limit yourself to using single tabs and simple Google searches to look up dates, names and other simple facts. By minimising the amount of time that you spend off your work, you minimise the possible distractions that enter your workplace. Boosting productivity is more about controlling setting than controlling behaviour, and making sure that you don't step into unproductive territory is step one towards achieving ultimate productivity.

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