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KuleSearch. I need your test help please
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KuleSearch. I need your test help please

We just added something really Kule to
our Big Brother site, Sokule. You can read
about it below and I would love you to test
it out.

If you were on our webinar the other day
you know we are implementing something
similar but even more sophistocated at
KuleSearch down the road.

Test out these KulePages and see
what you think


Sokule Kule Pages Are Here.

Hi [fname]

This is really Kule.

Wait until you see what Sokule is up to today.

You can add your own KulePages to Sokule.

What's a Kule Page?

A page where you can show off your own site
with an article about it or set up a business
page that describes your business.

Why Kule Pages?

It is a great way to advertise your own
business and Sokule will be pinging the
weblogs for you with every new content
or update you post on your KulePage.

The number of KulePages you can create
will depend on your Sokule membership
level. The higher your membership level,
the more pages you will be able to create.

You can choose to create an article page
or a business page and you will see that
choice for each page that you create

These pages can be created in either text
or html. html is avialable to all bronze
plus members or higher.

We are still putting the finishing touches
on these pages but you can set them up
today even while we are tinkering around
the edges.

In the meantime, I would appreciate it if
you could star four two pages so we can
test them.

sokule business page

Sokule Article


KuleSearch Business


Cuddles KulePage

More on KulePages Tomorrow.

Sokule, He really is always doing something Kule:)

If you are not a member, you are missing out
big time. Join him right here


go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: New Launch just in now 60,000 member
mailer http://vib.cm/sokule


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