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Talk To Mike G Personally Today
Media File

Talk To Mike G Personally Today

This just landed on my desk from Mike G.

You NEED to hear this recorded call.

This is totally new and unlike anything I've seen...

It will change how a lot of companies do business,
and you are in a prime position to profit!

See Mike's letter below.

-Jane Mark

When you reflect back on your life and think about
those handful of ideas you just had an intuition, a
gut feeling, was perfect for you... This is probably
one of those you will remember years from now.


I want you to listen to the recording at this link as
soon as you can...

I'm in the process right now of building out our
representative base and those people who join me
first will be in an unique and extremely advantageous
position I might add.

You've got to get your zip code locked in.

I'm building a very serious business and the rewards
I have in store for you are well - it's hard for me to say
this without sounding like big hype - but the rewards
are extraordinary.

You do not need to know squat about marketing on
the internet.

In fact, you may not even be aware of this but it is
becoming increasingly difficult to sell anything on
the internet these days because there is just so
much noise out there, competition in every niche
is incredible, but not with this program, not with this
product, and not with my new company.

I'm building this company to take it IPO..

I'm currently interviewing MBA's to be my CEO...

Technically I'll actually work for this man or woman,
but that's okay. Think of me as a serial entrepreneur
and I'm good at marketing, that's my role with this
new company.

All of the marketing that we will be doing, will be
doing one thing - drive reps to our business so they
can sell our products and services. We will not
compete against you!

You're not going to believe how easy it is and the
tools I give you. You've got to listen to this recording!

And, just so you know, and don't make your decision
to join me based on this comment, but when I take this
company public, I will have a method in place that
will reward our reps (those people that produce the
business for us) with stock, or stock options, or
first preferred stock, etc., etc. I'm not quite sure
how I'll do that yet, but I'll have it in place.

So, just listen to this recording, then call me with
any questions you might have.

I will be at my phone number and live during the
hours of 3:00pm - 6:00PM Eastern on Wednesday,
April 27.

Call: 641-594-7500
ID: 2609319#

Please do not call me about any other business you
and I might have together, my head is in this space
right now, and I need to stay focused and on topic.

We are in pre-launch now, so make no mistake about it.

At launch the cost of becoming involved with us will
go up, so you can lock in your zip code or your
mailing code for international reps now, and save a
lot of money, and I mean a lot.

After you listen to the recording I highly recommend
you go to:

but don't go there first! I don't want you to see what
it costs, you've got to listen to the recording first.

One final comment, the price of success is a bargain
when compared to the cost of mediocrity. My new
business will give you that success, and you don't
even need to know how to send an email, no kidding,
you will not need the internet to be a success with


Michael T. Glaspie, "Mike G"
Founder, MySiteInc•net
Where we pay you to promote your very own FREE
websites --- it's amazing!


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