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Walt's HIT PICKS for online Marketing Success in 2010
Are you excited about the new year to come?
Are you getting ready to celebrate and welcome that dropping ball in a few short days??

I know I am -
It's always exciting to look forward and imagine the new year and all that will happen.

One thing is for sure.
More people will make more money online next year than 2009.
It is a FACT.
It is a terrific industry and there are amazing opportunities online.

Launching early in the new year is a site that gets my HIGHEST reccomendation.

I love mailing sites, and this one has a new twist which means, you will definitely want to be a part of it.

The other site as a HIT PICK is the latest release of the many sites using the Advertise Free For Life system.
It is called HIGH TRAFFIC MART and comes with a neat twist.
You can mail out to ALL the members, not just your own referrals. PLUS it has a really incredible "Clickbank Rotator"
Which means your click bank ID gets rotated through random advertisements and emails in the system and it really is a PASSIVE sale system.

The site looks like a lot of others out there -
But with these two power twists, it gets a gold star from me too.

Finally for this update
Congratulations to Mahrgareet who referred member number 12000 and instantly was given $20 in her Paypal account.
Mahrgareet had only referred ONE member - and received the payment. THAT IS PRETTY COOL!
(the insiders secret - we are within 47 members of giving away the next lucky cash prize, so now is the time to promote!!)

The Referral contest closes with the end of 2009 and while the top spot looks like no-one will out do
Joseandres, the prizes of $100, $50 $20 etc will be given away with some EASY NUMBERS to achieve.

You can get a nice little cash bonus for referring a few people and claiming a top 5 spot.

Good luck.
You only have a few days and the random prizes make it double worth while.
Sign up or login here to get some of that yummy cash yourself
So get it out there into the world.

Stay tuned for the updates.
Make sure to join the recommended sites above and I look forward to sending YOU some instant cash.

To your success,


Advertise Free For Life


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