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Easter Eggs Meet the Rabbits...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Easter Eggs Meet the Rabbits...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Hi Sokulers

Have you ever watched the glee in a child's
eyes when they paint Easter eggs?

You would think they were working on the
Sistine Chapel.

There are stripes and dots and pictures of
things you could not dream up a name for
all painted on one egg.

And the concentration with which children
dye eggs is nothing short of remarkable.

What about when they hunt for them?
No field is too muddy
No area too grubby

They will go anywhere and under anything to
find that coveted egg.

They are young artists at work and their
work is wondrous to watch.

But once in a while something happens that
can change your whole point of view on
Easter eggs.

Easter Eggs Meet The Rabbits...Jane's Sunday Sermon

When I was growing up, I looked forward
to dying Easter eggs each year at this time.

I fancied myself one of those young artists.

I also owned two white Rabbits.

One named Poobah.The other was named,
Your Excellency.

We called him Excel for short.

I loved those two guys.
They wrinkled up their pink noses
and perked up their pink ears every time
I came into the room.

One year, when I was dying my eggs and
placing them very carefully in an
Easter basket which lay on the floor,
Poobah and Excel decided to hatch them.

They sat on my eggs and I heard a scrunch
noise and when I picked Poobah and Excel
up they were covered with red, blue, green
and yellow dye.

Like Cats, Rabbits are not too keen on
baths so you can imagine the scene when
I tried to turn my dyed rabbits back into
white ones.

My eggs were ruined
My Mom looked grim
My Dad left the house and hopped on his
motorcycle to avoid the ruckus.

And my beautiful white rabbits looked
liked patchwork quilts.

I tried to unpatch them as best I could
and being rabbits they did what rabbits
do best.

They hopped around the house leaving their
droppings everywhere.

When they decided to hide in my Mom's
Bedroom doing what they do best, that
was the last straw.

“I am giving those two things to Wessie
tomorrow as soon as she comes in" my Mom
announced sternly.

Wessie was our life long housekeeper.

"Mom" I cried. "You can't do that!"

"Watch Me" She replied.

I quickly grabbed the two rabbits, tucked
them into their cage and hid them in my
closet sure that my Mom would never find
them there when Wessie arrived in the

All the Easter day, I stayed in my room
leaving only to sneak some lettuce from
the kitchen to make sure Poobah and Excel
were fed.

Monday morning came.
Wessie arrived.

I had to leave for school

When I got home, Wessie was gone.

I ran to my closet.
Poobah and Excel were not there.

Sure enough Mom had given them to Wessie
to tend to.

Every day when Wessie arrived to work,
I would ask her about Poo and Excel.

"How are they? Are you taking good care
of them? Do you give them lettuce?"

"They are fine" She would reply each time
I asked.

Eventually, Poobah and Excel were replaced
by cats and dogs and for many years I did
not give them a thought.

One Easter day, many years later, I asked
Wessie to help me with an Easter party.

At the end of the evening, I asked her.

"Wessie, remember those two rabbits that
Mom gave you, Poobah and Excel-What
ever became of them?"

"Stew" She replied

To this day I do not know if she was kidding or not.

The Moral is...

Never put all of your rabbits and eggs in one basket:)

I wish all of  who celebrate Easter a wonderful
day and one where you can pull a rabbit out
a hat.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.







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